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Surplus Liquidators LLC


Date(s) 9/12/2023 - 9/28/2023

Date(s): 9/12/2023-9/28/2023

Past Auction
Online-Only Auction
Bidding Notice:

Items with quantity larger than 1, will be bid price times the quantity, **Please read Descriptions** Do not assume you're getting multiples of the image.

Auction Notice:

Items will close in numeric order 1 by 1 with a 60 second soft close and 10 seconds between closing lots. If a bid happens within the last 45 seconds of an item, all following items with also have the corresponding amount of time added to their close.

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Price Realized:
9.28 USD
Price Realized:
84.50 USD / Lot
12.07 USD / ea
Price Realized:
63.40 USD / Lot
2.44 USD / ea
Price Realized:
62.30 USD / Lot
2.40 USD / ea
Price Realized:
2.50 USD / Lot
0.10 USD / ea
Price Realized:
31.50 USD / Lot
0.25 USD / ea
Price Realized:
49.49 USD / Lot
12.37 USD / ea
Price Realized:
186.00 USD
Price Realized:
76.00 USD
Price Realized:
39.50 USD
Price Realized:
40.00 USD
Price Realized:
9.37 USD
Price Realized:
60.74 USD / Lot
7.59 USD / ea
Price Realized:
62.66 USD / Lot
7.83 USD / ea
Price Realized:
54.89 USD / Lot
7.84 USD / ea
Price Realized:
61.16 USD
Price Realized:
151.00 USD
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