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HiBid is the integrated online auction platform and bidding solution for Auction Flex 360. If you are an auctioneer or auction company inquiring about the auction platform, contact Auction Flex 360.
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For all other HiBid inquiries, please select an option below:

To contact or find information about an auctioneer on

  1. Click to open a lot in your watch list or anywhere on and then click the name under Auctioneer Information.
  2. If you are viewing an auction page, click the auctioneer’s name above the auction description.
  3. You will find the auctioneer’s complete contact information on the page that displays.

To view the lots in a auction:

  1. Click/tap the name of the sale, its main photo, or the View Catalog or Bidding Open button.
  2. To see the details of a particular lot, click/tap the Lot number or title.

HiBid will display the lot's time remaining, current high bid, number of bids, sale dates and location, description, and much more.

To view the shipping and pickup information for a particular auction on

  1. Click/tap the auction's Auction Details button.
  2. Scroll down and click/tap Shipping / Pickup.

The auctioneer's policies for the sale may include pickup times, dates, and locations for sold items. If shipping is available, the auctioneer may note any shipping, handling, and insurance fees. A FR8Star Shipping button below offers you a hassle-free way to find and book transport for any heavy equipment or oversized items you buy at auction.

To view the terms and conditions for a particular auction on

  1. Click/tap the auction's Auction Details button.
  2. Scroll down and click/tap Terms And Conditions.

The auctioneer's policies for the sale may include details about the roles, responsibilities, and liabilities of the auctioneer, the buyer, and the seller. For example, the T&C may spell out what happens if there is a dispute over an item, if the winning bidder fails to pay for or pick up an item on time, and so on.

To view the bid increments and payment information for a particular auction on

  1. Click/tap the auction's Auction Details button.
  2. Scroll down to the Bid Increments and Payment Information section.
  3. Click/tap Bid Increments to view the bid increment schedule; that is, the amount required to outbid another buyer based on the current high bid. For example, an auctioneer may specify that in order to outbid a rival with a $100 to $199 high bid, you must bid $10 more (a $10 bid increment).
  4. Click/tap Payment Information to view the currency being used for the auction (such as U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars), whether there is a buyer premium on the sale (for example, if there is a 10% surcharge the buyer must pay on top of the winning bid, the auctioneer should state so here), and payment terms for the auction (such as the forms of payments the auctioneer will accept, and in some cases miscellaneous terms such as a payment due date or restrictions on forms of payment for high- or low-value purchases).

Because each auctioneer and auction company has different terms and conditions for their sales, you must register separately for each auction you want to bid on rather than registering a single time to bid on all HiBid auctions. You can examine an auction’s lots and watch its progress without registering for the sale, but if you wish to bid, you will be required to register for the auction and accept its terms and conditions. Note that you will need to be logged into your HiBid account before bidding on an auction, or create one if you haven't already.

  1. Click/tap the button below.
  2. Click/tap Register Here, and then on the Registration page enter your contact information.
  3. Choose a username and password.
  4. Click/tap Create New Account.
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