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4/16/2024 - 5/8/2024
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Auction ends soon! We ship all items (where legal, some items in this auction may be blocked by your state or province). Flat $5 handling fee per invoice + cost shipping. We ship as cheap as possible with UPS Ground or Priority Mail. We will only ship to your billing address.

Auction Notice:

Bidding is ONLINE ONLY for this fantastic catalog! Lots will begin to close in order of lot number and will close quickly with only seconds between each lot until the auction is completed. This auction will feature extended bidding, meaning that if a bid is placed in the final 2 minutes, the bidding will be extended an additional 2 minutes to ensure that all bidders have time to place their bids ... Show More

Lot # 6
Group - Category Sporting Goods - Firearms / Weapons - Knives / Blades
Lead Benchmade 3400bk Autocrat Knife
Boasts Meticulously Milled And Contoured Black G10 Handles Paired With A Black Oxide Liner For A Smooth, Sleek Appearance. It Comes Equipped With A Reversible Tip Down Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Added Convenience. The Knife's Sturdy Aluminum Frame Ensures Durability And Performance. Keywords: Pocket Tool, Pocket Knife, Edc (everyday Carry), Police, Tactical, Self Defense Tool, Survival, Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Carving
Name Benchmade, Premium Knives, Tactical Gear, & Gun Accessories!
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 4/16/2024 - 5/8/2024
Auction Date/Time Info
May 8th at 11 AM (Central) / 12 PM (Eastern) the lots will begin to close. You may pre-bid at any time beforehand, once it is time for the live auction, any bids within the last 2 minutes will extend the lot closing by 2 minutes.
Preview Date/Time No in-person previews or item pick ups as items are held at various undisclosed locations for security. Items are only brought together for the purpose of shipping to you. All bidders have the same opportunity and information available online. This information can be found in the item descriptions. General information can be found in our information tabs, we can not provide exact shipping quotes. If we did forget something, or can answer any questions you have, please email us, we are happy to help.
Checkout Date/Time Immediately following the auction, within 24 hours we will process your payment automatically with the card you selected at registration. All items are shipped.
Buyer Premium a 18% fee is added to your total.
Join our exclusive online auction featuring 100% new merchandise. From medical bags, firearm magazines, safety equipment, gun cases, under armour, to high end knives from names like Benchmade, Spyderco and more! Don't miss this event! Be sure your local, state, and federal laws allow for you to purchase and receive these items before registering to bid. Take advantage of our cost-saving opportunity by purchasing multiple items, as we offer combined shipping. Please ensure that your registration details include the correct card and billing address, as we strictly ship to the provided billing address. Explore full Garnet Gazelle online auction catalogs at we sell jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, perfume, knives, coins, currency, and a whole lot more! To register for bidding click the "Login / New Bidder" button in the website menu. Complete the registration process for a new account or log in if you have an existing one. We are unable to assist with forgotten usernames / passwords. Frequently Asked Questions: Is there a fee to bid? No, registration and bidding are free. Charges only apply if you win an item, with a temporary $1 hold on your credit card, which is reversed within 24 hours for validation. What other fees are there? Winners are subject to a $5 handling fee (per invoice, not per item) in addition to shipping costs based on commercially discounted USPS rates. We strive to minimize shipping expenses, opting for ground advantage or priority mail as cost-efficient options. Additional Information: New items may be added moments before the auction commences, so be sure to check regularly. To secure your desired items, consider placing a pre-bid. Our software operates like a live auction, automatically bidding on your behalf, adhering to preset increments when necessary. For example, if you place a $100 bid and another bidder places $60, you'll win the item for $61. Similarly, if you set a maximum bid of $300 and another bidder reaches $300 later, your initial bid of $300 secures the item as you placed this bid amount first and achieved precedent. Our auction employs a soft close feature. If a bid is made in the final seconds before an item closes, the bidding period extends by 2 minutes, giving everyone a fair chance to bid again and preventing last-second "sniping." Lastly, please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions, as all bidders are bound by them. Most inquiries can be addressed on our website, but if you have an unresolved question, click the "Feedback" button at the bottom of your screen, or reach out to us at
Terms and Conditions: By registering for this auction, you hereby agree to these Terms and Conditions, as required to complete the registration process. **1. Shipping Address Policy** 1.1. **Shipping Address / Billing Address Requirement:** We exclusively ship items to the billing address associated with the selected payment method during registration for each auction. Your profile address is irrelevant for shipping purposes. It is imperative that the billing address linked to your selected payment method is where you intend to receive your merchandise. We strictly adhere to this policy due to the prevalence of fraudulent activities. No exceptions will be made. Ensure that when you type in your billing address (at the Add New Payment Method screen) that you type your address correctly and that it is the billing address. We will not be able to ship your merchandise if our payment processor flags it as not being the billing address. 1.2. **Responsibility for Address Updates:** You acknowledge that any items shipped to an incorrect address due to failure to update your billing address are your responsibility. While USPS/UPS may assist in the recovery process at times, we do not possess special contacts or information to expedite this process. We will not issue replacements or refunds for items sent to the wrong address. Please exercise caution during registration, and we apologize for any inconvenience. We implement this policy to safeguard ourselves and our valued customers against the increasing incidents of stolen credit card registrations. **2. Return and Chargeback Policy** 2.1. **Returns and Refunds Discretion:** Garnet Gazelle reserves the right to accept or decline return requests. Assumption should be made that returns are generally not permitted. Items and their conditions are not eligible for discounts, returns, or refunds based on subjective opinions or viewpoints. 2.2. **Warranties:** Each lot's description holds equal validity with the lead title, and both elements should be comprehensively understood by bidders prior to placing bids. All items are sold as-is with no expressed or implied warranties, except where a certificate of authenticity has been provided deeming, we do guarantee that item as guaranteed authentic. 2.3. **Dispute Resolution:** Prior to initiating a chargeback dispute, you agree to contact Garnet Gazelle to explore resolution options. **3. Order Cancellation Policy** 3.1. **No Bidder Cancellation Authority** Bidders do not retain any right to cancel a purchase or a bid placed at any time. 3.1. **Garnet Gazelle Cancellation Authority** Garnet Gazelle reserves the right to cancel items and/or invoices for any reason prior to shipping. This may include contractual obligations with third parties, technology / system issues resulting in incorrect stock counts, and quality control issues at the time of shipping, IE merchandise discovered broken upon packaging to ship or human error in describing items. **4. Payment Terms** 4.1. **Payment Options:** We accept the following payment methods: - Credit and Debit Cards: Subject to an 18% Buyer's Premium. - Wire Transfers (typically for invoices of $5000+ or when it's not possible to ship to a billing address): Subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium (a non-negotiable 3% discount (compared to credit and debit cards) is applied to help offset associated wire transfer costs). 4.2. **Payment Restrictions:** We do not accept cash, checks, ACH, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, money orders, or any other payment options. No exceptions. **5. Shipping Fees and Handling Charges** 5.1. **Handling Fee:** A flat handling fee of $5 per invoice will be applied to all purchases. 5.2. **Insurance Fee:** A 2% insurance fee will also be applied to ensure the safe delivery of your items. This is mandatory and cannot be opted out. 5.3. **Local Pickup:** Local pickup is not available at any of our warehouse or office locations. 5.4. **Postage Rates:** Postage rates vary, and quotes cannot be provided prior to purchase. We prioritize affordable and secure shipping methods. **6. Legal Compliance Responsibility** 6.1. **Legality of Purchases:** It is your responsibility to research and ensure the legality of your purchases in your place of residence. 6.2. **Restrictions:** Stun Guns are illegal in specific locations, including Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, U.S. Virgin Islands, Chicago, Illinois, The District of Columbia, Nassau County, New York, and others. Automatic Knives are illegal in Canada and other locations. These are listed for your convenience, it is your responsibility to know what you can and can not purchase / bid on. 6.3. **Prohibited Locations:** We will not ship to areas where items are illegal. If you reside in such an area, please refrain from purchasing, we cannot fulfill orders to restricted locations. 6.4. **Legal Compliance:** Any legal issues arising from your purchase will not be attributed to Garnet Gazelle. You are responsible for understanding and adhering to local, state, and federal laws governing your purchases. By registering, you warrant compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Garnet Gazelle shall not be held liable. 6.5. **Bid Irrevocability:** There exist no valid explanations or excuses for voiding your bids. These Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding contract, and as such, any bids placed, regardless of the circumstances (including bids placed on your behalf by dropping your tablet, by a toddler, your grandfather, or a pet cat), obligate you to fulfill your payment obligations. Failure to pay for invoiced items constitutes a breach of this legally binding contract. You bear sole responsibility for payment of items you win at auction, as well as any applicable fees clearly detailed and available for review prior to auction registration. By registering to bid, you, the registered bidder, hereby acknowledge and agree that Garnet Gazelle shall not be held liable for any technical or personal errors or issues experienced by you as the user. If any legal expenses should arise by bidder's breach of these and terms and conditions, the bidder will be responsible for their own legal expenses as well as Garnet Gazelle's legal expenses.
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Buyer Premium a 18% fee is added to your total.
Payment Terms
We will process debit and credit cards immediately following the auction, within 48 hours.
We ship at-cost as cheap as possible, however, we do charge a $5 handling fee to all invoices whether you bought 1 item or 100 items and regardless of package value. For example, we have been able to ship dozens of mid-size items such as crossbows with knives and swords in one package for as low as $35 with UPS Ground.