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1/26/2024 - 2/26/2024
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All Items Are AS IS WHERE IS * 18% Buyer Premium * Please ensure you contact a staff member to coordinate payment arrangements and shipping arrangements. We can help you coordinate shipping for order more than $500 ***Please pay attention to the quantity of the items. " X " means times the money. So please pay attention to it !!! Thank you!

Lot # 231
Group - Category Business & Industrial - Restaurant / Food Industry - Beverage Service
Name Huge Bakery, Restaurant, Bar Equipment Auction Feb 26th
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 1/26/2024 - 2/26/2024
Auction Date/Time Info
Feb 26th Monday @ 6:00 PM
Preview Date/Time Feb 24th Saturday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Checkout Date/Time Auction Pick Up Date Feb 28th Wednesday 10:00am -4:00pm Feb 29th Thursday 10:00am -4:00pm March 1st Friday 10:00am -4:00pm
Buyer Premium 18% Buyer Premium
Huge Bakery, Restaurant, Bar Equipment online Auction on Feb 26th , First Lot Closing @ 6:00 PM. Selection of Newly Arrived Restaurant & Bar Equipment. Multiple Truck Loads Just In. Million Dollar Liquidations. Featuring Brands Like: Garland, Hobart, Rational , Turbochef, Imperial, Vulcan , Frymaster, APW , Blodgett , True , QBD , Taylor , Beverage Air , New Air , Delfield, Igloo , JAC , Globe And Many More. Under Counter Cooler & Freezer , Sandwich Tables, Pizza Tables, Drink cooler , Upright Freezer, Ice Cream Machine, Beer Cooler , Meat Display Case, Pastry Display Case, Grab & Go Cooler , New and Used Stainless Steel Tables And Sinks, Equipment Stands, Hand Sinks, Bar Sinks, Ranges, Griddles, fryers , Grills , Stock pot , Dough mixer , Dough Press, Dough Sheeter , Bread Slicers, Globe Spiral Mixer , Shawarma Machine, Convection Oven , Combi Oven , Speed Oven , Steam table , Dining table & Chair, Heater and Pan Racking And much much more !!! Don't Miss This Sale on February 26th @ 6:00 pm
There are many auction sites around the web, we have designed our site to be extremely user friendly. You don’t understand something? No problem simply send us an email or call us and one of our reps will be happy to serve you. Our goal is to serve both the seller and buyer to get great value. We do this by offering you excellent quality equipment. While all goods are sold under typical auction guidelines “ As is where is”, we do our best to take pictures that show the complete unit. This way you can feel comfortable basing your buying decision on good quality pictures. If you still need more info, well we do offer live viewing of or auctions so you can physically examine your pieces you wish to bid on. *** Recap & Review of Terms and condition----Please read *** - By registering, you have agree to all terms and conditions. All items are as is where is - To receive an invoice you would have to check the box and would have agreed to all terms and conditions set forth - To participate in the auction you would have agreed to - Accept all terms and conditions - All items are as is where is and are without warranty - You agree you had an option to inspect all merchandise before bidding and you may or may not have taken advantage of viewing - You agree by checking this box that you agree to the payment terms, you agree that all items are final sale, you agree that all items are as is without any warranty expressed or implied, you agree to the pick up times set forth, you agree that if you did not pick up within 7 days your product will be considered abandoned and sold for storage costs - Checking box and participating in the sale means you have agreed to all terms. If you do not agree, please do not participate. Easy Registration: Simply click on he “EASY AUCTION REGISTRATION” button on the main page and it will walk you through the registration process. You will need to simply create a username, password and fill in your credit card details. The purchasing process: 1)Registration Inspection: you can choose to inspect goods over the internet or come by one of our live viewings. We typically set aside the day prior to the auction for live viewing from 10-4 P.M. Once you like what you see, you click on registration and you either set up an account or if you have an account already, you simply log in and start to bid on the items you like. 2)Biding: after you have registered, you can start to bid on the lots you like. Simply enter you max bid and the software program will increase your bid only when you have been outbid. Really want the item but have been outbid on your on your max dollar bid , you can simply enter your bids on the auction screen bid by bid and battle it out with your competitor. i)” Not complete saving?” Need bids entered. Simply come by our office and we will have staff here on auction day to assist with bidding. ii)” Out of town and need help bidding” – No problem. Simply send us or tell us your location we will bid for you iii) Multiple lots and X the money: You will see multiple items grouped in a lot and that will be sold as one value. If you notice X the money, that means it will be a multiple of how many items X the money there are. Example 10X the money would be 10X the dollar value and you are bidding on all ten items. iv) Once time has run out on the clock. Bidding is over. v) If you have won an item, you will be notified by email. If the lot says “closed”, bidding is over for that item. You also will be notified by email when you are outbid vi)Terms and conditions sometimes change by auction. If there is a change it will be noted on the registration page. vii)Bidding strategies: Look and inspect the items for sale will give you a better appreciation of the value, another important strategy is using the max bid feature. Let the software do your bidding simply enter your max amount. Many times bidders will leave things for the end when many lots are closing and end up losing an item due to them being overwhelmed. viii)You can view all my bids won by the panel at the top of the screen ix)Remember you are accountable for all bids submitted so please bid accordingly. In the case of a mistake, all bids will be reviewed by our staff. 3)Payment process: Payment is processed through Visa or Mastercard, once the auction is over, you will be charged for the entire auction purchase. Please ensure that you have the funds available. ·If you run out of funds on credit card, you can call our office to arrange a bank draft or cash payment. ·Please note that a standard auction fee of 18% will be charged to all purchases. Referred to as a Buyer Premium. ·Should you continue to bid and payment is always an issue, the office will review your status and you could be blocked from registering from upcoming auctions. ·If you bid on an item and you are having buyers remorse, well please remember that bidding is binding contract and the product is yours. Once you have gained high bid you cannot back out because it affects the bidding on various buyers. Please remember we mainly auction for consignors, so it does not only impact other buyers but also the consignors and auction staff. ·All purchase will be charged a sales tax. ·If your credit card did not process the amount that you bid upon. Please note that bidders will be notified immediately. Should the amount not process after notification, the account will be suspended. If the account is in arrear, then the office will have the option of reselling, storing or abandoning at the buyer’s expense. The buyer agrees to pay all legal , collection and transportation cost associated with the delinquency or abandoned account. Standard auction roles and regulation such as all goods are being sold on an as is where is basis and no warranties are expressed or implied. All sales are final and binding. Please inspect all goods thoroughly and ask questions on viewing day. We ae here to assist you with your purchase. 4)Removal: · All goods must be picked up at the specific location noted in the auction flyer. Goods must be picked up within the specific hours noted for that auction. There can be no delays. Should you need assistance, please call our office and we can refer movers who can assist you at a cost. ·Buyer must have the proper moving equipment, tools or technicians to disengage and move the equipment. This is especially true in on location sales. ·Upon completion of the sales , any goods left behind after removal hours will be considered abandoned. Clients are concerned that their unit be empty for on location sales thus buyer will be charged a disposal fee. There will be absolute no credit or refunds given to abandoned item. ·Buyers must bring the appropriate help and moving equipment especially for on location sales. There will be no personal room the liquidatorz Team to assist on location. You may need professional movers to disassemble and move your equipment. We can always refer movers for you. ·The buyer is responsible for safety and damage incurred while in the removal process on an onsite auction. Any damage incurred must be repaired to the satisfaction of the property owner, any damage to equipment purchased is responsibility of the purchaser and is a final sale. ·Should there be a discrepancy between the product description and the picture. Please contact our office and we will revise it. *** By checking the box you agree unconditionally that your credit card that is on file with this auction service will be charged at the climax of this auction for all “ AS IS WHERE IS ITEM” - You agree that by checking this box and agreeing to all terms and conditions that you will not dispute or file any charge back for your purchase. That you agree all items are as is where is and you agree to all charges that you bid on and register for.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 10.00 1.00 CAD
10.01 - 20.00 1.50 CAD
20.01 - 95.00 2.50 CAD
95.01 - 195.00 10.00 CAD
195.01 - 975.00 25.00 CAD
975.01 - 1,950.00 50.00 CAD
1,950.01 - 9,900.00 100.00 CAD
9,900.01 - 9,999,999.99 100.00 CAD
Currency CAD
Buyer Premium 18% Buyer Premium
Payment Terms
Payment arrangements must be made on the day immediately following the auction by 4:00 p.m. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS ARRANGEMENT. Please ensure you contact a staff member to coordinate payment. As we are processing a large number of calls within this time line and it would be wise to call as early as possible after the climax of the auction. Should payment NOT be received, the credit card on file will be processed. If full payment cannot be processed, you will have 24 hours to make final arrangements, should arrangements not be made, the deposit will be kept and items sold off for the next auction. All details are noted on the registration page. In order to assist you with a smooth pick up, please schedule an appointment by calling 416-232-0-232 when paying your bill, please bring appropriate help to load, straps and tie downs and any moving dollies you will need in order to make your pick up process easy. Please schedule the appointment before coming by. We typically allow a 2-3 day pick up window. Check the terms for this auction. Curbside pick up at this time. Please ensure you have the help to assist you. Payment Process: Standard auction PAYMENT TERMS APPLY. Please ensure that you make arrangements with the office. Please, all payment terms are posted. Money must be accepted in full prior to shipment or pick up. Please ensure you contact the office immediately after you receive your auction invoice to pay invoice and to schedule a pick up time. Please remember there can be no delays because it can impact another buyer, another consignor, and the office. So please coordinate all your efforts immediately. Thanks for shopping at Premium Auctions. Spread the word as we'll give you a finders fee for viable leads. Hope to see you soon. "Sam the Auction Man" and
Payment arrangements must be made on the day immediately following the auction by 4:00 p.m. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS ARRANGEMENT. Please ensure you contact a staff member to coordinate payment. For all items that will require strapping/skidding for shipping there will be a minimum charge of $100 per standard skid and $200 for oversized skids. We can coordinate shipping for more than $500 purchase. 1, You picking up your load? make sure you do the homework to ensure the items fit. We cannot squeeze items into your car for liability reasons. However to assist you in your efforts we can refer rental companies that we have corporate plans with, to ensure you have the right vehicle. As well as sell you the moving straps that will hold your load in place. Please ensure you have 2 wheel or 4 wheel dollies to make your move that much easier. 2, ****Full service Moving*****. There are a number of full-service movers that you can call. We can refer those movers to you. You can start by calling on Joe:647-721-1199, Wendy: 416-833-9073, Jimmy 416-300-9393, PKG Place:866-999-1110, Hamid: 647-895-2525 3, Need something shipped out of town. Across the country or into the States, no problem we have cultivated some great contacts over the years. We can assist you to get the best possible quote. We will skid , strap and wrap your equipment for a nominal fee. 4, Please do not show up at the office unannounced, should you do so loading will commence only once payment is done and the existing queue has dissipated. Please ensure you contact the office immediately after you receive your auction invoice to pay invoice and to schedule a pick up time. ******Please Remember There Can Be No Delays****** because it can impact another buyer, another consignor, and the office. So please coordinate all your efforts immediately. Thanks for shopping at Premium Auctions. Spread the word as we'll give you a finders fee for viable leads. Hope to see you soon. "Sam the Auction Man" and