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2/8/2024 - 2/12/2024
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Approved payment types are Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. A 3% conveninece charge applies to all credit card transactions. NOTICE: For bidders who are new to our website and are unknown to our company, we will likely ask you for more information to verify your identity for purchases exceeding $1,000. In the event that we can not verify your shipping address with your identity, ... Show More

Lot # 13t
Group - Category Jewelry, Watches & Gemstones - Jewelry - Fine Jewelry - Earrings
Lead Tiffany & Co. 18kt Gold Loving Heart Earrings
Authenticity Guaranteed 398027-466
Name Feb 12th - Luxury Jewelry - Coin - Sports Auction
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 2/8/2024 - 2/12/2024
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Online Only Auction **Bidding Open Now** Online Bidding Closes Monday at 10:00 pm EST
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Buyer Premium 18% Buyers Premium + 3% Credit Card Fee
READ BELOW - Important Auction Information is a subsidiery, and online auction marketplace of Assured Asset Exchange. ASSURED ASSET EXCHANGE: Assured Asset Exchange is a secure intermediary servicing precious metals and fine jewelry manufacturers, and distributors across the world. Security and authenticity are always the top priority of Assured Asset Exchange. WHY When purchasing gemstones, luxury watches, handbags or precious metals online, sercurity should be your top priority. When bidding with, you are secure in knowing that all of our items have been through a rigorous screening process, and are backed by a company at the fore-front of authentication. HOW DO I REGISTER? At the top of your screen, click "Login/New Bidder." If you are a new bidder, click the box. This will prompt you to enter your email address. You will be emailed a link to validate your email, and then you can finish your registration. It's fast, easy and secure. The whole process takes about 2 minutes. Your credit card will be validated and a temporary hold of $1 will be placed on your account to ensure the credit card is valid, and that only legitimate bidders are participating.The charge will fall off of your account in 24-48 hours. HOW DOES THE AUCTION WORK? The auction is open for bidding at any time before the auction ends. At any time you may enter a maximum bid, and the computer software will bid on your behalf up to that maximum amount. EXAMPLE: LOT #1 - $5 Minimum Bid with no prior bids You can choose to bid $5 on this lot and you would be the high bidder. If someone bids $6, you would then be outbid. If you had placed a maximum bid of $10, and the other person had bid $6, you would automatically outbid the new bid, and would be the high bidder at $7. TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please read the terms and conditions. All bidders must abide by the terms and conditions of the auction to make for a fair and even playing field for everyone. All sales in auctions are final. This is not the same as a retail transaction in that regard, t's important to ask any questions before you bid, a bid is a legally binding contract. SIZING & PERSONALIZED APPRAISAL INFO: All jewelry sold by qualifies for the following services. Make your bid with the peace of mind that you receive a beautiful, show ready piece of jewelry, right out of the box! Premier Ultimate Care Plan *Ring Sizing (Up or Down 3 Sizes) *Prong Tightening (Ensure Main Stone is 100% Secure) *Polish & Rhodium Finishing *Hard Copy Personalized Appraisal *Online Account - You can view your appraisal online at any time. *2 Year Warranty On Main Stone *Special Pricing $119.00 *Sizing Only: $74.00 (Up or Down 2 Sizes) *Rhodium & Polish: $39.00 *Prong Tightening: $39.00 *Hard Copy Personalized Appraisal: $59.00 Expected turnaround time for items that receive a service is 14 days. Digital copies of appraisals are available as a jpeg on our website for download at any time. All jewelry items sold by qualify for the discounted rate of the Ultimate Care Plan. See Terms & Conditions for complete details.
User Terms & Conditions for - A subsidiary of Assured Asset Exchange Terms & Conditions are property of Assured Asset Exchange - All Rights Reserved The following Guarantees & Warranties are provided by Assured Asset Exchange. With the exception of the guarantees explicitly outlined below, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Precious Metals - Authentication & Purity: All metals represented and sold at are pre-screened and/or tested for authenticity prior to listing. ALL metals are 100% guaranteed for authenticity as well as purity. Vintage coins and currency are pre-screened and are also sold with a 100% guarantee to be genuine. Coin grading may vary among experts and is not guaranteed by the auction company. Natural Diamond & Lab Diamond - All diamonds sold are guaranteed to be natural, earth mined diamond with the exception of diamonds that are explicitly listed as lab diamond. Gemstones: All colored gemstones and defined by Assured Asset Exchange as natural, enhanced or synthetic/created. It is our goal as an auction company to make you aware as a bidder as to what you are bidding on. It is your responsibility as a bidder to understand these differences and to bid accordingly. Gemstones listed as natural or genuine is a tested "earth mined" gemstone. All colored gemstones are considered to have had treatments common in the marketplace such as heat, diffusion, lead glass and flux additives. 99.99% of all colored gemstones on the marketplace have had treatment. Colored gemstones without "Genuine" designation are untested and are considered to be synthetic, man-made or unknown in regards to the original origin of the stone. These stones cannot be warrantied and should be purchased for their aesthetic value. Watches & Time Pieces: Assured Asset Exchange sells only authentic pre-owned time pieces. Watches are pre-screened prior to sale, and authenticity is guaranteed. Any watch on the pre-owned market may have after-market or custom parts. Occasionally this is done as a repair or service, and occasionally this is done to enhance the overall appearance of the watch. We DO NOT warranty bands, bezels, crowns, dials, crystals or any other parts making up a watch that could be custom or after market. We do guarantee the movement of the watch. Appraisals - Certifications & Opinions of Value: Certifications, Gem Grading Reports & Appraisals are to be used as a guidance. Opinions of quality and value can vary among highly respected individuals and firms. This does not indicate an error among either evaluator, but a difference of opinion. Retail replacement values and auction estimates are in no way guaranteed by the auction company or the appraisal company. Retail replacement values and auction estimates should not be used as a suggestion of resell value. Opinions of value and quality of stones can vary greatly based on current market conditions, availability in the market place, geographical location, gemological equipment types, method of grading and the evaluator's training. As is customary in the jewelry business, when items are manufactured and are so similar in makeup that there is no difference in weight or appearance, a certificate may be duplicated for each piece that is manufactured and evaluated by the appraiser. There are several items in this auction that are brand new, manufactured items, and this process would be similar to the processes used by major chain jewelry stores that have several of a single item. Photography: All items are photographed used a 10x high powered macro lens. Items are placed in a professional lighting studio box to enhance the lighting and represent natural lighting from the outdoors. It is important to note that items will appear in photos as if you are viewing them under a 10x loupe, and can look different (generally better) to the naked eye. Items are NOT edited or altered at all. Manufactured goods may be examined and appraised by the appraisal company in groups, with reports being issued reflecting their findings and views that are the same. Photographs used for the purpose of appraisals or auction listing may be used multiple times when an item is manufactured to have no noticeable difference. Purchase Terms: 18% buyer's premium will apply to all purchase's, 3% credit card processing fee to all invoices paid by credit card. Please note that the credit card that you place on file is the credit card that will be billed, and the address you provide is the shipping address where your items will be shipped to. The auction software uses a credit card verification system that validates credit cards and matching addresses, so ship to addresses cannot be changed. Kentucky residents subject to 6% sales tax. All auctions in the United States are considered to with reserve unless they are advertised as absolute, this auction is not absolute, and some pieces may be sold with reserve. The auction company reserves the right to bid on behalf of the reserve price. Assured Asset Exchange uses a third-party software for online auctions. The auction company nor the software provider will be responsible for any interruption in service, errors, caused by any means including power failures or website outages. This auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. The Auctioneer, in its sole discretion, may void a sale, suspend bidding and re-sell any item/lots that were affected by any malfunction. The decision of the Auctioneer is final as is the case in a live auction. NOTICE: Some purchases are not eligible for credit card payment and will require bank wire transfer. Wire transfer is due within 48 hours of the conclusion of the auction. The auction company, at their discretion reserves the right to cancel any purchase that is not paid in full within 48 hours. ACCOUNT ISSUES: When you register for your account you are assigned a unique username and password. You are responsible for bids made on your account. An online bid is a legally binding contract. If you feel your account has been compromised, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately to suspend your account. Final bids made from your account ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CANCELATION. NOTICE: For bidders who are new to our website and are unknown to our company, we will likely ask you for more information to verify your identity for purchases exceeding $1,000. In the event that we cannot verify your shipping address with your identity, we will require wire transfer. In the event that the auction company, at its sole discretion allows a return of merchandise it is understood that all fees associated with the auction including shipping, applicable taxes, shipping or return shipping is non-refundable. it is mutually agreed that any dispute that cannot be settled between a bidder and the auction company will be arbitrated and/or tried in Whitley County Kentucky. Auctioneer's liability for any discrepancy shall never exceed the purchase price actually paid by the buyer. As acceptance of these terms and conditions all bidders agree that items are sold AS-IS and are not subject to a credit card dispute. If you have any questions regarding these terms, please do not bid in this auction. PREMIER GEM LAB (PGL) Terms & Conditions PREMIER ULTIMATE CARE PLAN by Premier Gem Laboratory (PGL): PGL is an affiliate, and works with Assured Asset Exchange & to provide services such as appraisals, sizing, repair, refinishing, polishing and other jewelry related services. Premier Ultimate Care Plan: The Plan coverage includes the following services, subject to the other terms and conditions of the Plan: Hard copy personalized appraisal, ring sizing, refinishing and polishing, rhodium plating white gold, earring repair, chain soldering, resetting main diamonds and gemstones. Please note, and be aware that this plan is NOT AN INSURANCE POLICY, nor is it a continual service agreement. The warranty offered explicitly pertains to work completed after the plan is purchased, by us, including main gemstone prong tightening and soldiering of sized items. Absolutely no stone replacement is being offered under any circumstances. Should the prong fail, it is 100% the purchasers responsibility to secure the stone for repair. All Repairs shall be completed by PGL or by such other repair center affiliated with us. Parts may be replaced with others, including non-original manufacturer's parts, of like kind and quality. This plan does not extend to damage due to causes beyond our control. No alterations or any custom work may be performed by any party, other than at the direction of PGL. Appraisals or Retail Replacement Estimates Purchase of the Premier Ultimate Care Plan entitles the purchaser to a single hard copy appraisal/retail replacement estimate to be mailed to the buyer; a.) accompanying the product or b.) within 30 days of purchase. The purchaser must notify PGL of the correct name and address for which may, (within 48 hours) of purchase request a name change to the appraisal. Retail replacement values, sizes and pertinent information have already been determined by inspection prior to the sale of the item and are not subject to changes. In acceptance of the report the buyer understands that the report itself is in no way a warranty of any sort. Reports are completed by individuals with vast experience, and training in the jewelry field, but are gemological opinion, and do not state a fact. Diamond and gemstone grading is not considered a science of any form, but an opinion which can vary depending on the grader's equipment, lighting conditions, grading techniques and amount of experience in the trade. The document is for estimating retail value in order to obtain proper insurance coverages. Retail values are in no way a guarantee. PGL is a subsidiary, working with PGL nor American it's members, employees, partners and affiliates are responsible for any differences that could occur by evaluation by certain standards used other than the issuer (PGL), or any other gemological laboratories. WHOLE AGREEMENT: Acceptance of these terms constitute a whole and legally binding agreement between the bidder and the auction company. Note that acceptance of these terms is a requirement to bid in this auction, and that any bidder who chooses not to abide by these terms and conditions are disallowed from bidding. Kentucky Principal Auctioneer, Nicholas Cureton.
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Buyer Premium 18% Buyers Premium + 3% Credit Card Fee
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Approved payment types are Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. A 3% conveninece charge applies to all credit card transactions. NOTICE: For bidders who are new to our website and are unknown to our company, we will likely ask you for more information to verify your identity for purchases exceeding $1,000. In the event that we can not verify your shipping address with your identity, we will require wire transfer. The auction company, at their discretion reserves the right to cancel any purchase that is not paid in full within 48 hours.
Note: All items ship - no local pickup is offered at this time. Multiple lots will be combied into a single package for shipping. Packages are secured using extra tape and packaging. You will be emailed with shipping information attached with your invoice. We ship all items. All items in this auction will be shipped via UPS or USPS. We do not offer pickup of items at this time.