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Date(s) 1/1/2024 - 3/17/2024

This will be an Online ONLY No reserve Live Simulcasted Event. Prebidding is open now.

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Welcome to the Next Gun Collectors Dream Auction #64, This is The Modern Tactical Weapon, Black Gun, Conceal Carry Auction. So Many Great Firearms, and Tons of Ammuniton, Accessories, Tactical Gear, Mags, Parts, Scopes, Knives, and Soo Much More All With NO RESERVES! This is a Two Day Auction Taking Place on Saturday March 16th and Sunday the 17th.

Auction Notice:

*IMPORTANT NOTE* If you got to our auction thru HiBid Direct, or a HiBid State portal page, you are NOT SEEING THE ENTIRE AUCTION! HiBid takes down Hundreds of items from our auction! Anything that says A - R, Colored bullet tips, Launchers, and lots of other keywords. Here is the FIX. Go directly to our website: WWW.BRANDUSEDWORKS.COM and scroll down to the HiBid Link. This is the direct link to ... Show More

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