SAS Cupcakes Bakery Equipment, Charlotte NC

Madalyn, LLC


Date(s) 6/16/2024 - 6/27/2024

Thursday June 27th, 6pm EST

Past Auction
Online-Only Auction
Shipping Not Available
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Equipment Condition Key (in Title): [TW] Tested & Working! - [WWR] Working When Removed! - [O] Other see Description - No Key means Untested ... Auction Closes: Thursday June 27th, 6pm EST - Pickup Day: Friday June 28th, 11am - 4pm EST

Auction Notice:

All equipment is sold AS-IS ! NO Shipping Available ! If you can't make the Pickup times do not bid ! Buyer responsible for bringing all tools & labor required for removal. Buyer responsible for capping any Gas, Water or Electrical lines & any penetrations to the building. Any General Questions Please Call David 864-419-1825.

Auction Information
Name SAS Cupcakes Bakery Equipment, Charlotte NC
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 6/16/2024 - 6/27/2024
Auction Date/Time Info
Thursday June 27th, 6pm EST
Preview Date/Time Please call David to schedule preview (864) 419-1825
Checkout Date/Time Friday June 28th, 11am - 4pm EST
Buyer Premium 18% Buyer Premium Added To All Bids
Treat your sweet tooth with these sweet deals ! Like New bakery equipment including 30qt Mixer, Blodgett Convection Ovens, Rational Combi Oven, Revent Baking Oven, Stainless Tables, True Refrigerators & Freezers and lots more ...
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