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11/7/2023 - 12/14/2023
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7% buyers premium

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Go to for lot information and bidder documents.

Lot # 1
Group - Category Real Estate - Residential
Lead 344 N Main St, Mooresboro, NC 28114
Property located at 344 N Main St, Mooresboro, NC 28114. Go to to access the bidder instructions and the property docs.
Name Mooresboro Real Estate Auction
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 11/7/2023 - 12/14/2023
Auction Date/Time Info
Preview Date/Time By appointment - Call 828-674-7307
Checkout Date/Time Closing within 30 days
Buyer Premium 7% Buyers Premium
Thank you for your interest! There are property documents at as well as instructions on how to register for bidding. Potential buyers/bidders are not being allowed to register to bid in this auction until we have received signed copies of the buyer documents and all of the other required listed items that we need. If you would like to access all of the information for the properties, go to where you will find documents for each property (yellow buttons) as well as bidder instructions (red button). The auction is currently underway, but we're waiting for registration information from buyers. Below are the MLS links for each property. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The only thing that will be in each lot description will be a link to the property documents, MLS links, and the auction website. Everything you need to know about the properties is on the auction website. MLS Links: John Lynn Advantage Auction Services, LLC 828-674-7307 NCAL~ 9301, NCAFL ~ 9696, SCAL ~ 4579
AUCTION REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS, TERMS & CONDITIONS Thank you for your interest and participation in this auction! Below are auction instructions (Terms & Conditions, also referred to as T&C) and a checklist of documents and other items that MUST be submitted before you will be allowed to register to bid. Until we receive the requested items below, you WILL NOT be allowed to participate in this auction. NO EXCEPTIONS! This document is subject to being updated. Bidders will receive notification if there are any additions, deletions, or updates to this document. ***SALE IS SUBJECT TO ESTATE APPROVAL. THIS IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE AUCTION.*** If there are any missing items, we will contact you at our earliest opportunity to inform you of what we are missing from you so you can complete your registration. This is not an exhaustive list as other documents may be needed in addition to these mandatory items. In case of any dispute, the auctioneer’s decision will be the determining factor. If you want to make an offer on the properties prior to the auction close, you may do so within 72 hours of the auction close date and time and your offer will be presented to the seller for consideration. Please note that, per the seller, only offers for all 4 properties combined (1 offer for all 4 properties) will be considered prior to the auction ending. By North Carolina state law, you have the right to make an offer on any individual property, but the seller will only consider a combined offer on all properties together for acceptance. You do not have to have a real estate agent to bid on and/or purchase these properties. If you do have an agent representing you for this sale, we need that agent’s information so we can register them as being your agent for this sale. ***If their information is not submitted within 72 hours of you submitting your registration information, they will not earn a commission for this sale ***PLEASE don’t leave this information out! If you decide not to be represented by an agent, the auctioneer will assist you in completing the sale documents, but you will be an UNREPRESENTED BUYER and will be responsible for your own decisions during this sale. When you register to bid, you are registering to place a legally binding offer on one or all of the properties offered for sale in this auction. There is a 7% Buyers Premium in effect that will be added to the successful high bid. The contract price will be the sum of the high bid price plus the Buyers Premium. A 5% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will need to be submitted to the seller’s closing attorney by the next business day. There is no fee to register to bid. Should the seller not be able to provide clear title, the deposit will be returned. The deposit will be applied at closing to the contract price for the properties. The balance of the contract price is due at closing. Closing will take place in approximately 30 days. There is no due diligence period once the auction has ended. Your due diligence period begins at the start of the auction and ends when the auction is concluded. Any inspections need to be done BEFORE the auction ends. Bidders may tour the property by appointment only. The auctioneer *is* the listing agent and must accompany anyone walking through the two houses at 341 and 344 N Main St. There is no lockbox access. The properties located at 336 N Main St and 129 Whistle Dr have houses on them, but they are uninhabitable and the properties are being sold as land and not residential properties. You or your agent can call 828-674-7307 to arrange for a showing or for an inspector to look at either property. The sale of these properties is not contingent upon any inspections nor will the seller provide any requests or compensation for repairs. All properties are being sold “AS-IS, WHERE-IS, WITH NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEES”. The only exception is if the seller cannot provide clear title. The two properties with houses on them (341 and 344 N Main St) are both over 100 years old and could possibly have lead-based paint in them. The seller has no knowledge of any lead-based paint in either home and has signed the Lead-Based Paint disclosure as such, but the buyer will need to do their own inspection if this is a concern. According to the Rutherford County, NC GIS website, the zoning for all 4 properties is categorized as ‘NONE’. Any lot sizes, square footage measurements, or anything else on the GIS website is not guaranteed to be accurate. All maps, drawings, or illustrations provided are for your own information and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Bidders are responsible for conducting their own due diligence before the end of the auction. All property taxes will be prorated at closing. Seller will pay up until the day of closing and the buyer will pay the balance for the remainder of the year. The seller is responsible for deed prep and for providing clear title at closing REQUIRED DOCUMENT CHECKLIST Below is a list of documents that bidders are required to submit in order to be registered to bid: 1- Clear copy of a government issued photo ID. 2- Proof of funds. This determines your bid limit. Please obscure account #’s. 3- Signed and/or initialed copy of Form 140 Residential Property And Owners’ Association Disclosure Statement 4- Signed and/or initialed copy of Form 141 Mineral And Oil And Gas Rights Mandatory Disclosure Statement 5- Signed and/or initialed copy of Form 2A9-T Lead-Based Paint Or Lead Based Paint Hazard Addendum 6- Signed and/or initialed copy of KW Supplemental Provisions Addendum 7- Signed and/or initialed copy of Form 610 Buyer’s Premium Agreement - Auction Sales 8- Copy of Articles of Incorporation if an entity is going to be the buyer/bidder REAL ESTATE AGENT REGISTRATION If you are being represented by a real estate agent, please provide the following information to the auction company: Name: _______________________________________________ Real Estate Firm: ______________________________________ Phone Number: ________________________________________ Email Address: _________________________________________ This information needs to be provided within 72 hours of your registration in order for your real estate agent to be paid a commission. Failure to do so may make you liable for any compensation owed to your agent. We do not want this to happen to anyone, so PLEASE don’t forget or neglect to do this! REAL ESTATE AGENT INSTRUCTIONS, TERMS & CONDITIONS Please read the instructions that have been provided to the bidders in the bidder documents folder accessible by clicking the red button labeled “Bidder Docs” on the auction website. The auction company web address is This will help you answer any real estate questions your client may have. If you are representing a bidder, please make sure they provide your information to the auction company within 72 hours of them submitting their registration. The place to include this information is on the last page of the bidder instructions. You may provide their information to us before they submit their registration information by filling in their information on the form below. Doing so will earn you a commission if their information is submitted after we receive this form from you. We are paying registered agents a 2% commission for this sale. If we don’t receive your information within 72 hours of your client submitting their registration, you will not have earned a commission! Below are the official Terms and Conditions for agents to follow to earn a commission: A fee based on the high bid may be paid to an Agent's Broker whose registered Client purchases property in strict accordance with the terms of the sale agreement. To qualify for a cooperation fee, the following requirements must be met with NO EXCEPTIONS: • The Agent/Broker must identify below the potential purchaser (Client) prior to or within 72 hours of the Client submitting their registration request. If a legal entity is the Client, the principals must be disclosed. No referral fee will be paid to an agent representing him/herself. Return this form to so the information can be recorded with the auction company. • The Agent or Broker must personally attend any live auction with the Client and present a copy of the Confirmation Email of this registration at time of bidder registration. If the Agent or Broker does not present this confirmation at registration, a referral fee will not be paid. • The Agent/Broker should fully disclose in writing to the Client at first contact their status as a Buyer's Agent/Broker or Transaction Broker, if applicable, and the associated responsibilities and legal ramifications either relationship entails for both the Agent/Broker and Client. The Agent/Broker shall indemnify and hold harmless Advantage Auction Services, LLC and the Seller from any liability arising from its conduct relative to the transaction and sale, and hereby agrees to submit any claims the Agent/Broker may assert to binding arbitration per the Contract of Sale between Buyer and Seller, incorporated by reference herein. • Agent/Broker hereby represents and warrants without limitation to Advantage Auction Services, LLC and the seller it is a duly licensed Agent or Broker in the State in which the property to be sold is located, and is in full compliance with all laws, rules and regulations regarding a real estate licensee. No referral fee will be paid if the Client, who subsequently enters into a purchase agreement, does not close in strict accordance with the written terms thereof. In all events, Advantage Auction Services, LLC shall have the sole authority and right to revoke this offer of compensation and/or determine if and when a referral fee shall be paid. REAL ESTATE AGENT BIDDER REPRESENTATION FORM Please provide the following information regarding your client prior to or within 72 hours of your client submitting their registration information: Name: _______________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________ Phone Number: ________________________________________ Email Address: _________________________________________ You may submit this information prior to your client registering to bid. You will be paid a commission in accordance with the Terms & Conditions if you do so. Please ensure that your client completes the paperwork in its entirety before submitting. Any omissions may result in a delay of registration.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 19.00 1.00 USD
19.01 - 49.00 2.00 USD
49.01 - 199.00 5.00 USD
199.01 - 499.00 10.00 USD
499.01 - 999.00 25.00 USD
999.01 - 4,999.00 100.00 USD
4,999.01 - 999,999.00 100.00 USD
999,999.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 7% Buyers Premium
Payment Terms
5% of contract price must be deposited with a closing attorney. Balance of contract price is due at closing.
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