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Name ONLINE ONLY AUCTION 06/17/2024 5:30PM
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 4/28/2024 - 6/17/2024
Auction Date/Time Info
Preview Date/Time 06/17/2024
Checkout Date/Time 06/17/2024
ONLINE ONLY AUCTION 06/17/2024 5:30PM 16% B/P 10 Bench RD Fallon, NV 89406 Location 10 Bench rd Fallon, NV 89406 775-428-2009 Open Monday - Wednesday 10am - 5pm YES WE SHIP*** please allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipping if needed Invoices will be sent from this e mail. Please add it to your contact information so you can recieve them WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS MONDAY -TUESDAY &- WEDNESDAY 10 TO 5PM CLOSED THURSDAY - FRIDAYS -SATURDAY AND SUNDAYS MAIN # MONDAY & TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY OPEN 10AM TO 5PM PACIFIC TIME IS 775-428-2009 OR 775-848-3132 FOR TEXTING CREDIT CARD, WIRE TRANSFER OR CASH FOR LOCAL PICK UP BUYERS PREMIUM 16% (UNLESS PROXI) All proxi Bidders is 16% We reserve the Right To pull Mis-inputted lots at any time before or During the Auction or Cancel The Sale if IT IS Needed on These items RIGHT UP TO THE LOT THEY ARE LISTED IN. We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to anyone for any reason. ***WE ARE NOT A STORAGE UNIT! PLEASE COME AND PAY FOR YOUR ITEMS AFTER AUCTION. AFTER 4 WEEKS WE ARE NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR LOST OR DAMAGED ITEMS AND BIDDER WILL STILL BE RESPONISBLE FOR PAYING FOR THE ITEMS. IF THINGS ARE OUT SIDE YOU NEED TO COME AND PICK UP... THE WEATHER DESTROYS EVERYTHING OUTSIDE IF LEFT AND NOT PICKED UP THE FOLLOWING WEEK..AND THIS IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL Please remember The Catalog is supplied merely as a guide and all information needs to be verified by the buyer before purchase. Please do your "buyer duty" due diligence to review item/s or ask questions by phone before bidding 775-428-2009. All sales are final AS IS, WHERE IS Auction has Right to Verbally Change during Auction before item is Sold and at any time if a bid is concidered to low or not of market value the Final bid can be resended by Auctioneer. In some instances where an item was described incorrectly or is unavaliable for all to veiw Item May Be removed or moved During Auction. 1. If You are new to us and Buying Coins or Gold or Large Amount we can request a Wire transfer to pay for the Purchase of Items at any time. Wire Transfer information Bank of America Jimsammoney, Inc DBA Auctions Buy Sammy B Routing# 026009593 Account#501007807174 Note: For the online bidders or absentee bidding, for an item $10.00 or less, your bid WILL BE STARTED at your High Bid. Otherwise, if no one else bids against you, your bid will be started at 1/2 highest bid above increments of $20.00 (Example: Your Max bid is $25.00 no one else bids against you online, the item will be sold to you for half of your highest bid - $12.50) Absentee Bidders: $3.00 Minimum on any lot. Please no Odd Bidding. Auctioneer reserves the right to round up to the next increment on any of your bids left that do not meet this requirement, * All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults. * All descriptions believed accurate but not waranteed. * Bidder inspection is encouraged. * By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. * Reserve the right to reject any bid at your sole discretion. * Any surcharges or discounts for payment types. * Required time of pickup/checkout and any charges for storage, Immedatly after Auction or the following week * All online platforms do show and forward all Pre- bids to the Auction company. If you are not comfortable with this please log in while live closing and bid Manually for the items you would like to win. * We do support multi bidding platforms and allow bidding in many forms as well as phoned in bids, absentee bids and we reserve the right to bid on these pre approved bidders and upload their competitive bids online for them or cross bid for are customers on any platforms that we use. * Shipping policy and disclaimer of shipping warranty. We Follow USPS and Fed Guildlines Shipping Address Must Match the Bill to Address and name on account. Please make sure your account is updated with correct address and you have a secure ship to place. We are not responsible for lost or destroyed items from USPS or FEDEX as do do not own these companies and once an item is shipped we have fullfilled our obligation to the bidder for the asset. Please check with your own insurance company if an assest fgoes mmissing once it has left our facility. * Location and mediation services instead of court to be used for dispute resolution, Nevada Mediation Services, this will be at Buyers expense * For internet-only auctions, WE DO reserve the right to cancel and/or reopen/ or restart any online auction in the case of system failure, internet outage or in anycase dealing with mis starts of auction * Name and Credit Card and Billing address all must match Or additional Signed information will be required. or Wire Transfer if buying Coins * By bidding you are entering into a contract to pay for the winning items. If you Credit Card declines we reserve the right for 12 months to activly collect and charge card on file or turn you into collections as long as that process starts within 12 months of the auction end date and you will be subject to NSF, Late fees and any travel that may be necessary to collect on this debt as well. PLEASE NOTE: that any grading on Coins that has been done by the Consignor or other customers are merely their opinion only. We do not guarantee any grading on any coin. We are not coin Experts and our company does not grade coins. We also have no clue about cleaned coins and will All Buyers need to do their own grading and bid accordingly. If you are a NEW BUYER TO US AND YOU ARE PURCHASING COINS OVER $250.00 PLEASE WE NOTE THAR YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SEND A WIRE TRANSFER ON THE COINS. WE WILL ALSO SHIP ONLY TO REGISTARED BILLING ADDRESS ONFILE. All Coin Purchases are As IS Where IS, We do not grade coins here and unless it is a professional grading slabbed coin if a grade is mentions it is merely an option and not a fact. Buyer to look at the coin by picture or in person if customer is local to determine and form their own opion, by bidding you are saying you ar3e happy with the coin/currency and are offering what you fell it is worth. , PLEASE REFER to the pictures taken and if you need more please contact us before the auction to provide you with extra detail if needed. The coin in the picture will be the coin that you receive. Please come look in person or call with questions. 775-428-2009 WE ARE Open 3 days a week Mon- 10 to 5, TUES 10-5, Wed 10-5, WE ARE CLOSED THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS All Items sold "AS IS / WHERE IS" with no refunds or exchanges. Please preview before bidding. If catalog description is inaccurate, an item may be returned or exchanged without prejudice for 7 days. Delivery may be available for larger items. Check with auction house before bidding. *** All items must be paid for by the end of the day unless previous arrangements are made before the auction. All Items Still belong to the Consignors up till an item has been paid for and they may choose to do what is in there best interest if Items have not been paid for immedatly after item is Auctioned. The increments will be determined by the Auctioneer at time of sale - whatever He/She thinks appropriate at the time. All buyers must pay sales tax, unless a tax exempt certificate is on file before auction start time. Forms are available at the front counter. All Buyers with a resale will need to sign a form saying that everything on there invoice each and every week is for resale purpose only. We will gladley make changes if needed. We also do charge sales tax on Buyers Premium. Zack from taxation said it is the Law in Nevada and we have to charge it unless you are a registered reseller. Internet bidders are responsible for shipping charges which will be ascertained as soon as possible after auction purchases have been aggregated. A minimal handling fee of $5 will be assessed per box +. Plus Material/ packing Fees and of course the Acutal Shipping Charges are buyers responsiblity. By bidding, you are agreeing to these fees if items need to be shipped. **We will charge credit cards on purchases that need to mailed. We charge the cad once the item is packaged for shipping and the amount added to invoice. NOTE: By bidding online you are agreeing to allow Weathervane Auctions and/or , Auctions Buy Sammy B (one in the same) to charge your credit card for any online bids that have not been paid for. Please pick up your items each week or call for special instructions, if we do not here from you then we will auto bill the card on file . You are also agreeing to NO CHARGE BACKS FOR ANY REASON. We do not ever allow buyers / Bidders remorse as a reason to cancel the sale. If someone uses your account you are agreeing to pay any invoices that are charged by you or whomever you share your login/sign in information and password with. If a customer does not comply you will be responsible for and Travel, Attorney, Late fees, Collection fees & Interest charged as well. We reserve the right to turn you over to a collection agenecy when needed and you will have an addition dfee added and this could result in your credit being affected in a negative way. Bidding at an Auction is a Binding Contract for Purchase and Will be Pursued. In the event your funds are not avaliable or no good buyer will also be responsible for collection fee and interest. All payment methods are subject to change and the auction house reserves the right to request payment at any time throughout auction for first time auction attendees or people who have held a balance in the past. * Deposit for bid card is on a case by case situation. * We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason!!! * Consignors are prohibited from bidding on their own consigned items. Auction Sub Contractors and Staff may bid online and purchase like all bidders for their own personal consumption and they must pay a buyers premium and sales tax. All Sales are Final, As is Where Is Must Pre Registered For This Event CASH, or Credit Card NO CHECKS
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 4.99 1.00 USD
5.00 - 69.99 2.50 USD
70.00 - 249.99 5.00 USD
250.00 - 749.99 10.00 USD
750.00 - 2,249.99 50.00 USD
2,250.00 - 5,000.00 100.00 USD
5,000.01 - 7,500.00 100.00 USD
7,500.01 - 10,000.00 100.00 USD
10,000.01 - 25,000.00 250.00 USD
25,000.01 - 100,000.00 2,500.00 USD
100,000.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 USD
Currency USD
Payment Terms
cash, visa, discover wire transfer NO CHECKS 16% B/P will be added to Hammer price, If in Nevada Sales Tax will also be added Titles vehicles will have a $150.00 Fee added a well Invoices will be sent from this e mail. Please add it to your contact information so you can recieve them
Do do Follow USPS and Fedex Rules. Shipping is paid by the Buyer. Please allow 3 to 4 Weeks for shipping. Shipping may happen sooner in some instatnces, But during holiday season we usally always have a delay. No Flammable Liquids Will be Shipped Invoices will be sent from this e mail. Please add it to your contact information so you can recieve them