Monday April 22nd Online Jewelry & Coin Auction

Interstate Auction & Realty


Date(s) 4/10/2024 - 4/22/2024

Online Only Auction Bidding ends MONDAY at 1:00 PM EST

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Online-Only Auction
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NOTE: Bid EARLY & OFTEN. The auction closes very quickly! Using the maximum bid feature allows the software to bid on your behalf without raising your bid immediately. Please click and read the "Auction Details" section. This will give you information on payment, pickup and shipping options, bid increments and the terms and conditions of the auction.

Auction Information
Name Monday April 22nd Online Jewelry & Coin Auction
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 4/10/2024 - 4/22/2024
Auction Date/Time Info
Online Only Auction Bidding ends MONDAY at 1:00 PM EST
Preview Date/Time See terms
Checkout Date/Time See terms
Buyer Premium 15% Buyers Premium + 3% Credit Card Fee
**READ BELOW. Important Auction Information 1.) Register to bid. At the top of your screen you will see a button labeled "Login/New Bidder". You will need to click this and fill out the basic information to create your new account or login to your existing account. If you have bid with us in the past and have forgotten your Username or Password, you can reset them from there. There is no charge to register and bid, you only pay if you win an item. The credit card on file will be validated by our software company. This means they will put a "hold" on your credit card for $1 and then reverse that charge within 24 hours. This ensures the card is valid and that you are bidding against only other valid bidders. 2.) Preview the entire catalog early and often. New items are added to the catalog as they come in to the warehouse and can sometimes fall on different pages depending on where they are placed in the building. It isn't unusual for new items to be added just minutes before the auction begins. 3.) Pick the items you would like to bid on and PRE-BID with realistic numbers. We can not stress this enough. Items can be lost in the final seconds due to last second bids, Internet outages, power or site failures. The computer will bid on your behalf up to your maximum amount if some else places a bid. EXAMPLE A.) You place a bid of $100 for an item. Someone else bids $50 and nobody else bids, you win your item for $55. EXAMPLE B.) You place a bid of $100 for an item. Someone else bids $100 and nobody else bids, you will still win your item at $100 because it is the first bid. 4.) PLEASE READ the terms and conditions. All bidders are bound by the same terms and conditions for this auction included payment options, pickup times and other things important to the auction. Most questions will be answered on our website, but if you have one that isn't you can click the "Feedback" button at the bottom of your screen and we will help you
All items are sold as-is with no warranties expressed or implied by the auction company other than the warranties explicitly outlined below indicated by * *All gold and diamonds are guaranteed to be authentic, however the auction company makes no warranty as to sizes, color, clarity of stones. All gemstones listed as genuine are verified from outside sources including but not limited to GIA Graduate (GG) Gemologists , however the auction company makes no warranty as to the origin of the stones. Any gemstone that is not listed as genuine or natural in the description should be assumed to be synthetic or lab created. All genuine colored gemstones including sapphires, emeralds, ruby, tanzanite, amethyst, alexandrite, citrine, aquamarine and others are to be considered to have treatments common in the market place such as heat, diffusion, lead glass and flux additives unless otherwise noted. Treatments of gemstones are so common in the marketplace that it is estimated 99% of all gems have some sort of treatment. If a colored gemstone is not listed as genuine or natural, it is presumed to be lab created or synthetic. Appraisals provided are from third party GIA Certified Gemologists. The values given are for Insurance purposes only. Appraisal retail replacement prices and auction estimates are to be used as guidance, and are not guaranteed by the auction company or the third party appraisal company. In no way is there any guarantee of purchase or possible resell value expressed or implied by the auction company, consignor or the appraisal company. Opinions of value and judgement of the quality of stones can vary greatly among "experts" based on current market conditions, availability in the market place, geographical location, gemological equipment types, method of grading and the evaluator's training. Such variances does not constitute any error on either evaluator. Much like real estate, a gemstone is worth different amounts to different people, in different parts of the world. Brand name watches such as Cartier, Rolex, Tiffany, Omega and others are guaranteed to be genuine, and have genuine movement. Bands, bezels and other additives to the watch, not affecting the movement of the watch can be original or after market. All items are available for preview at any time before the auction begins, feel free to contact us to arrange a preview. Any stones without a genuine designation in the description are not warrantied and can be natural or synthetic. Auction and appraisal images can be approximate and appraisals may be duplicated by the appraisor when an item that is a newly manufactured item is so similar in nature that the appraisal company deems it to be unnecessary to provide an entirely different document. *All coins are guaranteed to be original. Grading (professionally slabbed as well as hand written) can vary depending on the expert or agency. Any coin grading is subjective and supplied to the best of our knowledge, and should be used only as an approximate guideline. WE ARE NOT COIN AND CURRENCY GRADERS, we are auctioneers, we do however do our best to supply the best possible knowledge that is available to us at the time of cataloging. 15% buyers premium will apply to all purchaeses, 3% credit card processing fee to all invoices paid by credit card. 6% Kentucky sales tax will apply to all residents of Kentucky unless you have a current tax exemption resell certificate is on file with our office. Please note that the credit card that you place on file is the credit card that will be billed, and the address you provide is the shipping address where your items will be shipped to. The auctione software uses a credit card verification system that validates credit cards and matching addresses, so ship to addresses can not be changed. NOTE: We can not and will not change credit cards, so PLEASE register with the credit card you intend to pay with. Interstate Auction & Realty uses a third party software software for internet only auctions. The auction company nor the software provider will be responsible for any interruption in service, errors, caused by any means including power failures or website outages. This auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. The Auctioneer, in its sole discretion, may void a sale, suspend bidding and re-sell any item/lots that were affected by any malfunction. All auctions in the United States are considered to with reserve unless they are advertisted as absolute, this auction is not absolute, and some pieces may be sold with reserve. The auction company reserves the right to bid on behalf of the reserve price. The decision of the Auctioneer is final as is the case in a live auction. As a Bidder you are responsible for any bids placed under your bidding number and password. The security of your Bidder information is your sole responsibility as you, the Bidder, will be responsible for any and all bids placed under your number. If at any time you feel that your bidder number and password have been compromised due to lack of security on your part you must notify Auctioneer prior to the close of bidding.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 5.00 1.00 USD
5.01 - 39.50 0.50 USD
39.51 - 495.00 5.00 USD
495.01 - 990.00 10.00 USD
990.01 - 9,999,999.99 10.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 15% Buyers Premium + 3% Credit Card Fee
Payment Terms
Credit cards will be processed on auction day. If you wish to pay cash upon pickup you must notify us in the "notes to auctioneer" section that appears when you register to bid. That is the only way the clerks will see your request. PLEASE REGISTER for the auction with the credit card that you intend to pay with, you CAN NOT update your credit card in the system after you have registered for the auction and we will have to call you for an updated card, which will slow your shipping down tremendously.
Items that are eligible for shipping will be mailed within 2-4 business days. All items are mailed USPS Priority mail. PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on picking up items, you must notify us via "notes to auctioneer" section that appears when you register to bid. This is the only way the clerking staff sees your request.