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9/25/2023 - 10/17/2023
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Leibenguth Auto Body Shop in Walnutport, Pa. After more than four decades of dedicated service to the Lehigh Valley community, Leibenguth Auto Body has concluded its operations, marking the retirement of its proprietors. Online Auction 7PM Tuesday October 17, 2023 Selling the Entire Contents of the Shop, Garage & Office! Highlights Include: 1946 Willys Jeep equipped with Stevenson ... Show More

Lot # 27
Group - Category Construction & Farm - Tillage Equipment - Plows
Lead Meyer plow electric lights
Name 10-17-2023 Leibenguth Auto Body Shop, Walnutport Pa.
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 09/25/2023 - 10/17/2023
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7PM Tuesday October 17, 2023
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Leibenguth Auto Body Shop in Walnutport, Pa. After more than four decades of dedicated service to the Lehigh Valley community, Leibenguth Auto Body has concluded its operations, marking the retirement of its proprietors. Online Auction 7PM Tuesday October 17, 2023 Bid Now! Selling the Entire Contents of the Shop, Garage & Office! Highlights Include: 1946 Willys Jeep equipped with Stevenson Military Trailer, Rack N Mate frame machine with Hydraulic 10 ton and 14 ton winches, hydraulic adjustable height, with numerous accessories and books, working. Rack N Mate deck is approximately 20 foot long by 7 foot wide. Lots of new old stock auto parts; including fenders, grills, headlights, tail lights for numerous makes and models, some new in the box. Boss 8 foot Super Shield snow plow (used one season). Portable sandblaster, stud welder, Master Pro heater, Craftsman power washer, painting and buffing materials, Windsor Weld Time controlled system, spin charge machine, Black Hawk Synergic 209 electronic welder and Porto Power 4 ton body repair equipment, electric lights, heavy duty workbench, 10 Ton hydraulic power equipment, 22 ton pneumatic piston, Jack, scaffolding, cabinets, vehicle manuals from the 1980s to 2000’s, plus! Office contents and Vintage toys - pedal car, Lunch boxes, Disney, board games, shooting gallery, Hess trucks, show cases, Wagner CI skillet, etc. Preview the Willy Jeep, Belmont open trailer and Rack N Mate frame machine only Thursday, October 12, 2023 from 4pm-6pm or by appointment.  The items are located at Leibenguth Auto Body 272 RiverView Drive (Rte 145), Walnutport, PA. 18088 BUYER PICK-UP / REMOVAL: 9AM-4PM Thursday, October 19th AND 9AM-4PMFriday October 20, 2023.  Purchaser’s of the Willy Jeep, Rack N Mate frame machine, Willys Jeep and other large difficult to move items and machinery have until October 30th, 2023 to remove items, unless other arrangements have been made with Auctioneer and Seller. You will be emailed a copy of your paid invoice along with the pickup instructions. Please sign up for a pickup slot or request shipping. The pickup times are to help us keep the traffic flowing however if there are no times left in your preferred time slot that does not mean you cannot pickup at that time. Bring help and equipment for heavy items and any packing material you will need. Shipping is available on select items: Shipping is only available on small lots in this auction. Items must be under 45lbs and no larger than 24 inches x 24 inches, TERMS: Major Credit Cards, 15% Buyer's Premium, No Sales Tax Cash or Wire transfer is expected on Willy Jeep. Credit Card will not be accepted as payment. Buying at auction is not like buying new; the items are used, vintage and antique. They have been used in people’s homes and businesses for their purposes, so while most items are in good condition, most are not in perfect condition. We try to make note of imperfections Do you have Something to Sell? We Can Help. Real Estate * Downsizing * Estates * Business Liquidations Estate Appraisals * Jewelry & Couture Motorcycle & Car Collections and more.
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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ PAYMENT TERMS FOR THIS AUCTION We accept all major credit cards. Your credit card will immediatley be charged for all purchases. All credit cards must have a domestic U.S. billing address. Cash or Wire transfer is expected on Willy Jeep. Credit Card will not be accepted as payment. No Pennsylvania sales tax for this auction. 15% Buyers Premium will be added to your total invoice
Items are located 272 RiverView Drive, Walnutport, PA. BUYER PICK-UP/REMOVAL: 9AM-4PM Thursday, October 19th AND 9AM-4PMFriday October 20, 2023.  You will be emailed a copy of your paid invoice along with the pickup instructions. Please sign up for a pickup slot or request shipping. The pickup times are to help us keep the traffic flowing however if there are no times left in your preferred time slot that does not mean you cannot pickup at that time. Everything must be removed during these days and times only. Be sure to bring help for large items and take precautions to remove the items carefully. Bring help and equipment for heavy items and any packing material you will need. Shipping is only available on a few select small lots in this auction. Items must be under 45 lbs and no larger than 24 inches x 24 inches, NO FURNITURE.
Notice: Financing terms available may vary depending on applicant and/or guarantor credit profile(s) and additional approval conditions. Assets aged 10-15 years or more may require increased finance charges. Financing approval may require pledge of collateral as security. Applicant credit profile including FICO is used for credit review. Commercial financing provided or arranged by Express Tech-Financing, LLC pursuant to California Finance Lender License #60DBO54873. Consumer financing arranged by Express Tech-Financing, LLC pursuant to California Finance Lender License #60DBO54873 and state licenses listed at the this link. Consumer financing not available for consumers residing in Alaska, Louisiana, Nevada, Ohio, Vermont, Hawaii, or Wisconsin. Additional state restrictions may apply. Equal opportunity lender.