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Date(s) 2/27/2023 - 3/26/2023

internet only

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Online-Only Auction
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Bidding Notice:

This is an internet-only auction. All bidding activity will take place online.

Auction Information
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 2/27/2023 - 3/26/2023
Auction Date/Time Info
internet only
Preview Date/Time current
Checkout Date/Time pick up is ONLY march 28 29 30 between 10am-5pm schedule appointments only
Buyer Premium 20%
This auction is by the pallet or as a big lot all sales final and we do not guarntee the quality of the product which consits of : new product, customer returns, and box damage as well as overstock. all pick ups will be a maxium of 3 days after auction closes and you will need to bring your own truck the window for pick up is strict as this is a venue and we only have the spot reserved for 3 days. product from these stores will be included in this auction: target, amazon, sams club, costco, and staples we will also have several pallets of clothing brand new with tags from target and sams club all from the states there will be bulk food pallets from amazon and wholesale items : in date short date and past bb there will be ZERO expired food please note the difference between bb and expired in addition all food has been stored in a climate control warehouse buyers premium is 20% pay cash or emt ( discussed prior with the auction house for approval) save 3% pon the premium
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ALL SALES ARE FINAL It is your responsibility to know EXACTLY how this online auction works and to ensure that the items that you bid on will meet your needs. ICM Auctions does not provide warranties, guarantees or exchange privileges. All items are sold in an “AS IS WHERE IS BASIS”. You agree as a bidder that you have the capacity to independently contract with ICM Auctions on any purchases made. All bidders must be at least 18 years of age. Once you have agreed to Terms and Conditions, and registered, you are agreeing to a legally binding contract between you, the registered bidder, and ICM Auctions. All invoices will show the registered name of the auction. All sales are final and as such all invoices are considered your receipt. Once you have registered and completed the online registration form, you will then have confirmed and agreed to all Terms and Conditions listed. ICM Auctions reserve the right to approve registration, refuse registration for bidding and/or revoke the respective registration at any time. Your password, along with your email address will allow you to log into our auction site and view the catalogs of auction items. A twelve percent (15%) buyer’s premium is in effect on all items at every ICM auction sale. Please note that the buyer’s premium is a taxable service. ICM Auctions will accept VISA and MASTERCARD payments. Please note, any U.S.A. bidders, WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS. All payments must be made within 24 hours of auction closing. All Non Payers, we will implement a “2 Strikes, You’re Out” Policy. A NSF charge will apply to declined registered cards. Once you have been declined twice, you will no longer be able to bid on ICM auction items. As a Canadian based auction, we do not have the capability of accepting any other payment methods from Non-Canadian bidders. This includes Vemo, Cash App and Paypal. All registered bidders are held personally liable and financially responsible for any and all bids placed with their respective “Bidding Number”. By virtue of you accepting ICM Terms and Conditions of Sale, you are agreeing to pay the bid amount, in addition to the Buyer’s Premium and Harmonized Sales Tax, within the 24 hours after auction ending that is allotted. Any catalogue description of item, is merely a guide and may contain errors or incorrect information. No sale shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or inaccuracy in any of the lots. ICM Auctions maintains the right to add or delete any lots during the auction. When the auction of the item that you are bidding on closes, you agree that you have entered into a binding contract with ICM Auctions for the purchase of the specific lot(s). Each item in this online auction has a specific time when the bidding will close. Please ensure that you check the closing times on the items you wish to bid on. You will not be able to bid from your watchlist during the final 2 minutes of an item. Please ensure during closing you are bidding from the “LIVE CATALOGUE”. If a buyer enters a bid at the last minute of the auction, the ending time of the auction will automatically be extended by one minute until one bidder remains. This is referred to as a “soft close” or bid extension. ICM Auctions reserves the right to not sell an item, even if there is a winning bid. ICM Auctions is the last call officiant. All sales are final and all lots will be paid in full to ICM Auctions. The buyer agrees that all items offered at auction are strictly sold on an “AS IS” basis. ICM Auctions will not warranty or guarantee any item in the sale. All items purchased must be removed by the date and time stated by ICM Auctions. No item will be removed by the buyer without full payment being made and an appropriate release is obtained by the buyer. Any items not removed from the property within 7 days of payment will be deemed abandoned and considered forfeited to ICM Auctions to dispose of as necessary. All items purchased by the buyer are the responsibility of the buyer and must be removed by the buyer. ICM Auctions will assist with getting your items together, and bring to the bidder. It is the bidders responsibility to load and check items once given their orders. Any item described as “demo model” or “open box” may have some minor damages, or usage markings. All items are sold “AS IS” and are not subject to refund or exchange. If an item is listed or described as Brand New, it is considered to be in new condition and was inspected as so. Any large electronic or appliance, shall be tested to show working condition upon winning bidder pick up. If the winning bidder declines the testing of the item, the winning bidder forfeits the “brand new” condition clause. Items listed with ICM Auctions may have reserved bids placed on the listed item. If reserve is not me, item(s) will not be sold. SHIPPING AND HANDLING It is the responsibility of the bidder to sign up for shipping using We will not ship based on requesting shipping in the notes section. We use PkgPlace for shipping, and will only be able to ship out your winning items after requesting shipping using the link provided in the invoice email. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN SHIP YOUR ITEMS. ICM Auctions is not liable or responsible for automatically shipping items until a request has been made via the link provided in the emailed invoice. PICK UP OF WINNING AUCTION ITEMS Once the auction is over, an email will be sent to the address of the registered bidder. This email will include the winning bidders invoice as well as instructions for pickup and pickup dates. There will be two (2) days allocated for pick up. All winning bidders MUST PROVIDE VALID PHOTO I.D. TO PICK UP WINNING ITEMS, ALONG WITH INVOICE NUMBER. If winning bidder does not have their invoice number or valid photo I.D., they will be required to come back with the required information. ONLY 1 WINNING BIDDER WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE PICK UP AREA AT A TIME. All other winning bidders will be required to wait outside until the pick up area clears.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 24.00 1.00 CAD
24.01 - 47.50 2.50 CAD
47.51 - 95.00 5.00 CAD
95.01 - 487.50 10.00 CAD
487.51 - 975.00 15.00 CAD
975.01 - 2,450.00 25.00 CAD
2,450.01 - 4,900.00 100.00 CAD
4,900.01 - 9,750.00 250.00 CAD
9,750.01 - 97,500.00 2,500.00 CAD
97,500.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 CAD
Currency CAD
Buyer Premium 20%
Payment Terms
Payments are by credit card. email money trsansfers will only be accepted on a case by case and must be pre detemined before bidding. EMT INFORMATION:
if you would like to do shipping you do so through we do not offer shipping quotes shipping must be requested 48 hours post winning