Premium Gold & Silver / Coins & Bullion Auction! 06/15

Stratford Gold & Silver


Date(s) 6/12/2024 - 6/15/2024

06/12/24 @ 09:00 PM thru 06/15/24 @ 06:00 PM pst. (Closing w/ 30 sec. Lot Stagger)

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Online-Only Auction
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Bidding Notice:

PLEASE READ: Due to the increased credit card scammer/fraud activity within these auction sites, SGS may request a bank-to-bank "Wire Transfer" for payment on large gold transactions. This requirement would not affect returning customers or Bidders having a positive (+) Bidder's Score. Soon after the close, you will receive a "Settlement" Email containing a "View/Pay Invoice" Link. Clicking on ... Show More

Auction Notice:

NOTIFICATION: SGS spends numerous hours each week to review and hand-pick coins of high quality, regardless of the grading company’s MS value printed on each slab. Please review all raw & Graded Coins carefully, judging for yourself it’s true worth. Once a coin is reviewed for its “more-true” elements of Luster & Details, an opening bid is calculated, then SGS reduces that value to assist in ... Show More

Auction Information
Name Premium Gold & Silver / Coins & Bullion Auction! 06/15
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 6/12/2024 - 6/15/2024
Auction Date/Time Info
06/12/24 @ 09:00 PM thru 06/15/24 @ 06:00 PM pst. (Closing w/ 30 sec. Lot Stagger)
Preview Date/Time 06/12/24: Pre-Bidding Opens
Checkout Date/Time 06/16/24: Auction Closeout & Invoices Paid
Buyer Premium 15% Buyer's Premium
Now Tax Exempt on all US & World Coins, Gold, Silver, Platinum, .9999 Refined Gold/Silver Shot/Grain & Bars + Bank Notes. Self-Pay! Fast & Easy Checkout! See Lot # 967 for the featured item; "1954 Washington-Carver Commemorative Half Dollar MS-66". Shipping for all items, no local pick-up.
SGS Terms & Conditions BIDDING NOTICE: Online - Internet Only – Timed Auction. All bidding activity will take place online. Shipping on all items, no local pick-up. All winning bidders will receive a Settlement email having a "View/Pay Invoice" link attached soon after the auction close. SGS request that each Customer pay within 24-hours of Settlement issuance. Once your funds have cleared, with no outstanding issues, your item/s are shipped. Prompt payments allow faster shipping. If payment is not received within 24-hours, SGS will attempt to perform an auto-run against the credit card you placed on file when you registered. For this effort, SGS must add an additional $5 Administration Fee to your invoice, plus the customer is required to “confirm” or “approve” the transaction before the item/s are released to shipping. If no form of acknowledgement has been received from the customer within 7-days, the Item/s may be returned to the auction inventory and all related funds will be forfeited to SGS to cover the additional administration and storage cost caused by the customer’s noncompliance of these Terms & Conditions. If an SGS initiated Auto-Run payment attempt fails, then the customer will be logged an a "Non-Pay" account. Additional restrictions apply to all “new” Bidders to SGS Auctions, or Bidders with a low Bidder Score; • Credit Card purchasing is acceptable for any Lot Item when the Customer performs the self-pay task, or request that SGS perform the auto-pay task, via email. • Larger Credit Card purchases are allowed if Customer communicates with SGS clearly confirming the transaction. • All high-dollar Lots/Items, specifically silver & gold, coins & bullion, will require that the Customer pay via a Wire Transfer. • ACH & eCheck payments are not accepted unless arrangements are made prior to the start of each auction. Be advised that ACH & eCheck payments methods have a 14-day clearance requirements by the banks, and shipping will be delayed. Note that SGS reserves the right to request a Wire Transfer Payment on any transaction deemed to be a risk. These restrictions do not apply to Bidders having a positive history with SGS. NOTIFICATION: SGS presents hand-picked coins of high quality, regardless of the grading company’s MS value printed on each slab, and at a guaranteed “Sold Value”. If at any time a customer presents proof that the coin they purchased was over-priced, based on its current state, then SGS will refund the cost difference. Beautiful coins deserve consideration, regardless of the grading company someone decided to use long ago, so judge for yourself these beautiful coins. Private offers (below initial "Bid" value shown), can be sent to; "". Allow 1 to 2 hours before auction closing so the auctioneer can obtain feedback from the consignor, or as soon as possible. STRATFORD GOLD & SILVER (i.e.; SGS) A Bidder's Bid, at all times, represents an irrevocable offer by the bidder to enter into a binding contract to purchase the lot in accordance with the specific provisions of the listing and these general terms and conditions, as applicable, even if a higher bid was received by SGS. In the event that any reserve price of a lot is not exceeded by any bidder's bid, SGS, at its sole discretion, with or without the knowledge of or notice to any bidder, may reduce any reserve price to an amount below the bid of the bidder at any time during an auction and accept the bid made by the bidder. Reserve prices are confidential information of SGS and are not always disclosed to bidders unless specifically stated as such during bidding. Nothing contained in any listing shall be construed to disclose any reserve price unless otherwise stated. In the placing of any bid, the bidder understands and agrees that the bid, once accepted by SGS, will be the winning bid if there is no higher bid by another bidder and if any reserve or reduced reserve on the lot is exceeded by the bid. All bids are binding, irrevocable, and non-cancelable by the bidder. SGS has final discretion on the sale of a lot. All sales are "as-is" and final. In the unlikely event that internet connection is lost, SGS reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to cancel the remainder of the auction. Sales Tax: No Nevada Sales Tax. SHIPPING & HANDLING Due to the current Customs & Tariff issues associated with precious metals, SGS cannot ship to Canada Residents unless they have an alternate U.S. address SGS can use. All U.S. shipping & handling is performed in-house by SGS. No local pick-up options are available at this time. Shipping / Handling & Insurance Fees are generally shown within the initial invoice received. Once payment has been received within the accounting system, those funds are not released for up to 24 hours. Once payments are cleared, the shipment generally occurs within 2 business days. IMPORTANT NOTE; To prevent any degree of loss, by either party, all items are shipped fully insured, often with a delivery confirmation or signature required. SGS will always strive to keep this cost to a minimum. Terms; Buyer's Premium is set at 15.0% Buyers must pre-qualify to bid using a valid credit card. This card will “not” be charged automatically unless payments are late or the customer instructs SGS to do so, via email (in writing). Any sale or item sold may require a Wire Transfer, depending on the circumstances involved. Any disruption in the payment confirmation or close-out process will delay shipment. Returns: SGS backs everything listed and/or sold. Returns/Refunds allowed if/when the Customer returns the item/s undamaged. By entering any SGS Auction, the Customer has agreed that no Credit Card Dispute/s will be filed, and that all transactions are final. Bidder shall not dispute, challenge, issue a "Chargeback" or reverse any such payment or charge. Governing Law and Venue: This Agreement and the rights of the Parties shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada without the application of any conflict of law principles that would require or permit the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction. Any action at law or judicial proceeding instituted by any Party relating to this Agreement shall be instituted and maintained only in the state or federal courts in Clark County, Nevada.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 30.00 1.00 USD
30.01 - 200.00 5.00 USD
200.01 - 1,000.00 10.00 USD
1,000.01 - 10,000.00 50.00 USD
10,000.01 - 100,000.00 100.00 USD
100,000.01 - 9,999,999.99 250.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 15% Buyer's Premium
Payment Terms
All invoice payments are due within 24 hours of issuance. You will receive an email titled "SETTLEMENT", having a "View/Pay Invoice" Link. Use that link to proceed to the checkout area, a very quick process. After the 24-hour timeframe, if the invoice remains unpaid, SGS will perform an auto-run, charging your invoice amount to the credit card you placed on-file with HiBid. If SGS is forced to make this auto-run payment a $5 Administration Fee will be added to your invoice, then SGS will ask for your verification of the transaction. Please respond to that email confirming that you are aware of this transaction and acting on your own behalf so the item/s can be shipped. If no confirmation is received, SGS will hold the item for 7-days. Please review the Terms & Conditions for late payment clarifications. If you do not receive an invoice via email or you are unable to pay through our online check-out system, it is your responsibility to contact us at "".
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