If you've ever drooled over supercars, wishing you could afford one, might have the vehicle of your dreams. Replica cars give you the opportunity to drive a lookalike that's potentially much cheaper to buy and maintain. You'll probably also be less afraid to actually drive a replica than a genuine exotic Ferrari or Lamborghini. On the used market you'll be able to buy a faux AC Cobra; Shelby Daytona Coupe; Lamborghini Diablo; Porsche 917, 356, and 550 Spyder; Ford GT40 and Model A; Lancia Stratos; Jaguar XK120; Auburn 852; Mercedes-Benz 500K; and more. Many replicas were built from custom kits on donor cars or with donor engines and other parts. (There's a separate Kits page under Collector / Antique Autos on this site.) Often a “replicar” is a rebodied vehicle such as a Ford Mustang, Mazda MX5 Miata, or vintage Volkswagen Beetle. Others are custom-engineered with a bespoke rolling chassis, ready to receive a drop-in engine, transmission, and other parts. Still others are turnkey models, ready to drive away. Manufacturers include Gelscoe, Factory Five Racing, Superformance, RCR (Race Car Replicas), Ultima, CAV (Cape Advanced Vehicles), TSC (Tornado Sports Cars), Parallel Designs, ListerBell (now LB Specialist Cars), Glassic Industries, The Car Factory, and others. Sellers often post new items for auction on, so come back later if you don't see what you're searching for.