Few boats are as beautiful as the silent, environmentally friendly sailboat. Online auctions in this category potentially include freshwater and saltwater sailing boats such as dinghies, daysailers, yawls, scows, sloops, yachts, catamarans, and trimarans, with racing or cruising (cabin cruiser) varieties available as well. Small and mid-sized sailboats may have one or more masts and a main sail, jib, and spinnaker sails, depending on their size and configuration. Their hulls are typically made of fiberglass, but there are aluminum, wood, and even steel examples for sale. Most sailboats have a fixed, traditional keel, but some newer models have winged keels for shallow water stability or even powered canting keels to level the vessel under heavy sail. Many wind-powered boats have supplemental outboard or inboard gas or diesel engines so they can keep moving when the wind is calm. Be sure to check the auction lot details to see if a sailboat comes with a trailer or cradle.