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Type Online-Only Auction
Bid History 125 Bids
High Bid 28,000.00 USD
Time Left
2d 23h 49m
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Auctioneer Myers Jackson
Location Petty, TX 75470
Date(s) 5/8/2021 - 7/28/2021

Lot # 3
Group - Category Real Estate
Lead 11.3+/- Acres Lamar Co TX
11.3+/- Acres Lamar Co TX As a matter of fact this land lends itself to a variety of uses. Presently looking for land for some cattle? Similarly are you looking for more recreational use. Likewise hunting and ATV fun are great uses of the land. Additionally, this land is the perfect new home for your cattle. Therefore, make your offer today – in order to avoid missing out on the property of your dreams!
Name 11+/- Acres Lamar County Land Auction
Auctioneer Myers Jackson
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 5/8/2021 - 7/28/2021
Wednesday, July 28, 2021 @ 11:00am CST
Preview Date/Time Wednesday, July 28, 2021 @ 10:00am CST
Checkout Date/Time At Bid Award
Location A3 Co Rd 26750
Petty, TX 75470
Buyer Premium 10% Buyers Premium.
Lamar County Land Auction consists of two remaining tracts totaling 11+/- acres divided or as a whole. As a matter of fact this land lends itself to a variety of uses. Such as building a dream home. Or utilizing it agriculturally. Therefore, make your offer today - in order to avoid missing out on the property of your dreams!  Myers Jackson Texas Broker 0698695, Texas Licensed Auctioneer TDLR 17057 Information About Brokerage Service can be found at: Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice Information To Contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation can be found at
Auction Terms & Conditions PROPERTY INFORMATION PACKAGE PURPOSE: To provide terms and conditions specific to the property listed in addition to the general terms and conditions that can be found by clicking the terms link on this page. Both specific general terms and conditions shall govern the conduct of the sale. The general terms and conditions are published and may remain constant for each sale. The specific terms and conditions may signify certain attributes that are conditional to the property described below. SALE TYPE - AGENCY Seller has initiated the liberty of bidding and property shall be sold subject to seller’s confirmation. Brokers and Auctioneers represent the seller and shall not represent the buyer. INFORMATION ABOUT BROKERAGE SERVICES TEXAS REAL ESTATE COMMISSION CONSUMER PROTECTION NOTICE LEGAL DESCRIPTION: 11 +/- Acres, Lamar County, Texas Property ID: 91385 -A926 C TILTON SURVEY, TRACT 133X, ACRES 10, FM137 RT 1-SOLD Property ID: 91387 - A49 A BLUNDELL SURVEY, TRACT 9 ACRES 50.75 ADDRESS: Tract 1, A1 County Road 26750, Petty, TX 75470, Property ID: 91387 - SOLD Tract 2, A2 County Road 26750, Petty, TX 75470, Property ID: 91387 - SOLD Tract 3, A3 County Road 26750, Petty, TX 75470, Property ID: 91387 Tract 4, B4 FM 137 Rt. 1, Petty, TX 75470, Property ID: 91385 and 91387 - SOLD Tract 5, B5 FM 137 Rt. 1, Petty, TX 75470, Property ID: 91385 and 91387 - SOLD Tract 6, B6 FM 137 Rt. 1, Petty, TX 75470, Property ID: 91385 and 91387 - SOLD SPECIFIC TERMS and CONDITIONS Terms and Conditions of the sale may change. Certain requirements may vary from sale to sale. Such changes shall be considered specific terms of the sale. Specific terms and conditions may include, however not limited to the amount of Option Money Required, Escrow Deposits, Time to Close, Auctioneer Fees, Real Estate Brokerage Requirements. Other terms that apply to the property being offered. Such terms may change without individual notice. It is incumbent on the purchaser to read all terms and conditions prior to bidding or making an offer. ORDER OF SALE The Broker – Auctioneer shall determine the order of sale and shall retain the right to schedule, reschedule or determine the platform and how the sale will be processed. A property may be offered as a single property or the property may be divided into separate parcels. {*Most single-family homes would be offered in a single listing. Land may be divided into multiple tracts. *} The method that produces the best offer to the seller will determine how this property sells. Property is selling subject to owner confirmation. Owners have initiated the liberty of bidding and may make adjustments accordingly. Seller has authorized to refuse bidding privileges to persons that do not qualify or to those that will not comply with bidding procedures. PROCESSING of BIDS (OFFERS) Broker – Auctioneer under the direction of the seller may process bids (offers) submitted with proper qualifications that satisfy the sales process. Additional information may be found under the Bid Administration tab. Bids (Offers) may be subject to additional payments or fees such as auctioneers fee, buyer premiums, closing costs. OPENING BID Property ID: 91385, and 91387 Tract 1 - 2.9 Acres: $ 13,550.00 - SOLD Tract 2 - 14.0 Acres: $ 57,750.00 - SOLD Tract 3 - 11.3 Acres: $ 0.00 Tract 4 - 15.45 Acres: $ 69,525.00 - SOLD Tract 5 - 15.2 Acres: $ 61,560.00 - SOLD Tract 6 - 11.6 Acres: $ 44,694.00 - SOLD Total for 70.45 Acres An opening bid is required to initiate purchase rights. Bids (offers) may be lower than the suggested opening bid, however may not warrant suitable or acceptable requirements of the seller. All being subject to Multiple Offer Management. Opening bids or subsequent bids remain conditional. PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT (CONTRACT SAMPLE) Will be available for review prior to bidding upon request. Purchaser will be required to execute and return immediately after the bid award along with required payments. SALE TYPE - AGENCY Seller Confirmation. Brokers - Auctioneers represent Sellers. TAXES Taxes currently due shall be prorated on the day of closing. Estimate Annual Taxes $ 1860.00 INSPECTIONS PREVIEW Purchasers may conduct Final Inspections Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 10:00 am, prior to sale date. Special requests considered. Text (469) 460-4848. SALE DATE Actual day the purchase and sale agreements or other contract documents are executed to confirm the sale bids are due no later than Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 11:00 am. Subject to change at seller direction. Property may be sold prior to bid date without notice or announcement. EXPECTATIONS Purchasers are to inspect the property at their own expense. Escrow deposits in addition to closing costs, buyer’s premium shall be the purchaser’s responsibility. This transaction shall be non-contingent on financing. Close the transaction on or before 30 days after acceptance of contract. BROKER PARTICIPATION A duly qualified broker may be paid up to 3 % more or less commission based on the purchase amount at bid award with proper registration subject procuring cause rights. May be listed in MLS or Special Term & Conditions. TERMS OF REAL ESTATE The successful Purchaser(s) shall sign and return a real estate sales contract immediately after closing of bids or fully accepted offer, transfer by wire or certified funds, immediately after acceptance of offer. A 10% Buyer’s Premium will be calculated the bid price on Real Estate then payable to Myers Jackson – Licensed Broker 0698695, Texas Auctioneer TDLR 17057 immediately after confirmation and acceptance of offer. * All calculations are per contract. Option Money 1% Escrow Deposit 2% CERTIFICATIONS Purchaser(s) proof of payment will be certified by the Purchaser at closing. Certified funds will be required to bid in the amount of $6,000.00 plus any balance of required earnest deposits and buyer’s premium to be tendered on the day of execution of contract with bank letter of guarantee submitted. TITLE Seller will warrant transfer of title. Purchaser(s) may purchase title insurance at purchaser’s expense at the time of closing. Subject to exceptions, and Specific General Terms and Conditions. OPTIONS The Buyer may or may not propose an option period to purchase this property. Option money shall be paid at direction of the Seller. Extended option periods may increase the actual amount of option money paid. No option money is paid if option period is not requested. ESCROW DEPOSIT Money will be held at CAPITAL TITLE OF TEXAS, 1105 GLADE RD. STE. 200, COLLEYVILLE, TX 76034, Izzy Lane at (817) 916-8930. Earnest Money will be applied toward the purchase of property Auctioneers fee or option may belong to the Auctioneer and or Seller at the time of contract certifications. Appropriation of all funds shall be reflected on the closing document. CLOSING Time is of the essence this transaction shall close on or before Friday, August 27, 2021. Purchasers shall be required to sign a purchase and sale agreement immediately after bid award. Certified funds for all required deposits, escrow deposits, option money, auction fees, other considerations and/or any balance due at closing shall be required. APPRAISALS Purchasers may conduct an independent appraisal prior to bid award. DISCLOSURE Additional disclosures may be available up request at and AUTHENTICITY The information shall be deemed true and correct; however, the purchaser shall be responsible for independent verification prior to bidding at purchaser’s expense. NOTABLE OBSERVATIONS Subject Property: Compatible with the Neighborhood Energy Source: Electric Dimensions: Regular Conforming Proximity: Average for Schools, Commerce, Employment USE Zoning: Agriculture/Residential, Lamar County, Petty, TX Location: Lamar County, North Texas Landscaping: Natural Upgrades: Not Applicable Physical Deficiencies: None Observed Environment Impact: No Negative Impact Known Neighborhood Boundaries: Lamar County Market Conditions: Favorable Overall Condition of the Property: Any observation shall not be meant to be any warranty of condition; no guarantee shall be made to the accuracy of the noted element. Property shall transfer by deed of record and any claims attached unless otherwise announced. Subject to Zoning, Planning, any government regulation as recorded at time of purchase. PERSONAL PROPERTY Personal property shall be considered a separate purchase and held separate from the sale of real property. REGISTRATION Each person participating in the sale or any person that wishes to attend an open house must register in advance of entry into the property all being subject to seller requirements of preferential invitation. Seller and Auctioneer will comply with all fair housing regulations; however, entry may be restricted based on the following: Registration may be subject to additional requirements. However, Broker Auctioneers may reduce, alter, amend requirements on a case by case basis. Registration in writing, Myers Jackson Bidding Platform or other approved method. Proper Statement of Funding and/or Proof of funds that show capabilities to purchase. Agree to General Terms and Conditions in advance of entering property: home or grounds. Enter Factual Buyer information at HOW TO REGISTER AND BID ON-LINE Logon to: Read, accept term and conditions Enter factual buyers’ information Make the highest possible bid Follow, check for additional bids If awarded the bid, prepare to sign contract Understand on-line bidding may be combined with live auctions Information About Brokerage Services Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice To Contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation DISCLOSURES Myers Jackson Auctioneer, Real Estate Auctions, Land Auctions, Online Auctions, Myers Jackson, Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker, Texas Real Estate Agent, Discovery Auctioneer, DIY Auctioneer on "Texas Flip and Move" . I enjoy photography, travel and meeting new people. I help others sell their property including real estate, personal and business property. While I am working for these fine folks I get out my camera and start taking it all in one frame at a time. Additionally, "Myers Jackson" is licensed as a Real Estate Broker: AL, FL, GA, MS, NY, OK, NM, KY, TN, PA, KS. Myers Jackson Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker. Myers Jackson Licensed Auctioneer: Florida AB3428-AU2726, Georgia AU003046, Mississippi, 1302-1303F, Louisiana AU1805, South Carolina AU4313, Ohio 2012000042, Indiana 11200062, Pennsylvania AU5771, Virginia AU004173, Texas TDLR 17057, Kentucky RP3306, Tennessee AU6671, North Carolina 9339-9331. Auctioneer License Disclosures may be found on Individual pages within the website --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

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