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6/21/2024 - 6/25/2024
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A BUYER'S PREMIUM WILL BE CHARGED. See Terms & Conditions. Cash or wire transfer ONLY for payment. Any buyer spending over $5,000 shall only pay with a wire transfer. We only picture and report milage or hours and American Iron Auctions, LLC has not inspected or certified them or operational condition of any item, by placing a bid, you confirm you have had the opportunity for yourself or a ... Show More

Lot # 4
Group - Category Cars & Vehicles - RVs - Pop-Up Campers - Hard-Sided
Lead 2016 Flagstaff Micro 21 FBRS Camper-Titled
VIN#4X4TFLW24GD408844 Asset# 601079 Loc: Asset Sold Subject to Sellers Confirmation within 24hrs of Sale Seller attempting to liquidate
Name June 25th Equipment and Vehicle Auction - Indiana PA
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 6/21/2024 - 6/25/2024
Preview Date/Time Friday 8AM until 2PM, Tuesday 8AM until Auction
Checkout Date/Time Wednesday and Thursday of auction week 8AM until 6PM
Assets may be consigned Tuesday 8-7, Wednesday & Thursday 8-6, & Friday 8-2 for the upcoming auction. Yard phone number is 724-354-3440
Auction Terms & Conditions All vehicles in this auction are sold by CD Cars, LLC, a licensed PA auction company and vehicle auction. Vehicles are sold at 8474 Route 422, HWY W, Indiana, PA 15701 and may be stored at alternative storage lots. American Iron Auctions is acting solely as the web hosting platform for taking online bids for these items. . If a customer would like to test drive them prior to purchase at the auction, they should contact the office. By bidding on titled items, you agree to hold American Iron Auctions harmless for any matter or issue pertaining to that lot. You agree to the terms and conditions as set forth by American Iron Auctions and these shall control the titled items sold by CD Cars as well. 1. This online-only auction will begin to close at 5:00 pm. Lots will close approximately every 15 seconds. This auction uses a soft close, which provides an authentic auction atmosphere. Items will remain open for one minute after the latest bid. at 5:00PM pm a new, flashing button will appear allowing you to watch the auction close with a live countdown. This allows you to bid on the next 12 items scheduled to close without refreshing the page. 2. All items are offered and sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults. 3. NOTICE: American Iron Auctions, LLC will not be able to hold any items for pick up beyond the stated times. 4. American Iron Auctions, LLC reserves the right to reject any bid and/or bidder at our sole discretion. 5. This auction has a tiered buyer’s premium. Any item selling for $40,000 or less shall be charged a 12.5% buyer’s premium. Any item selling for $40,001 or more shall be charged a flat $5,000 PLUS 3% of the total. Examples: $100 bid equals $112.50 total, $3,000 bid equals $3,375 total. $50,000 Bid equals $56500 total, $100,000 bid equals $108,000 total. The minimum buyer's premium on any titled item shall be $200. 5. You will receive an invoice listing the items won. Payment is due at the time of pick up or within three business days. Only Cash or Wire Transfers will be accepted, no credit cards, and certainly no money orders. See payment details sections for permitted checks and wire transfer options for more expensive items. Any item and/or total over $5,000 must be paid via wire transfer. A $20 fee will be charged if paying for an amount under $5,000 amount via a wire. **Please note that there is a difference between a wire transfer or other electronic transfers. If the buyer pays with an unapproved method, it will be the sole responsibility of the buyer to have their financial institution request a refund of the monies paid minus a $200 administrative fee. If you are unsure about accepted payment, please contact our office prior to sending. Specifically an electronic payment such as an ACH payment is different than a wire transfer and will not be accepted. If payment is not accepted, the item will be considered non-payment and the buyer may lose any rights to the item. 6. By bidding in this auction, you are agreeing to all of the terms posted for this auction. 8. There are no shipping, moving or packing services offered by the American Iron Auctions, LLC. 9. Declined credit cards and/or failure to pay can result in a buyer being banned from participating in future auctions. 10. This is a public auction and not a retail setting. All sales are final. No returns. If running equipment will not start on pickup it is still the buyers responsibility to remove. This includes items that were labeled running in the description. Things happen to equipment, especially in the colder months, so everything is sold "As Is". The only time we will issue a refund is on items labeled "Ride & Drive Guarantee", which means that if the machine doesn't start, run, and operate as it should, then you are not obligated to buy. American Iron's representative will have the final determination for a refund. We will assist with loaders but it is not American Iron Auctions job to perform any mechanical work to start machines. American Iron Auctions may support the assistance to provide a jump pack or air compressor but will never exceed ten minutes of assistance per item. The buyer will hold American Iron not liable for any damages to the vehicle including but not limited to engine, electrical, or wheel damage. 11. Onsite/in yard items - A loader will be provided, however the buyer is responsible for loading should anything happen to the loader on the day of pickup and it not be able to operate. The loader will NOT put anything into the back of a pickup bed (Flatbed & Dump are OK). Plan to have a trailer or flatbed truck if you would like to have assistance. We reserve the right to not use the loader if the weight or manner would be considered dangerous to machine or operator. WE DO NOT HAVE A LOADING DOCK. Please make sure your trailer has ramps if needed as none are provided. Buyer assumes all risk for loading activities and the American Iron Auctions LLC will not be responsible for any damages. **Some lots are designated as items that will not be loaded. ***American Iron Auctions will NEVER load a non-running vehicle or tractor. OFFSITE: THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OFFSITE RIGGING AND LOADING. 12. Please leave children at home on day of pickup or have someone to stay in the truck with them. Nobody under 16 should be out of the truck during loading. You should wear closed toe shoes in the yard at all times. 13. All buyers of firearms must adhere to state and federal laws. All buyers must pass a background check even if buying a long gun (rifle or shotgun). The background/transfer will be done at a local gun shop that is in Spring Church, PA (Approx 10 minutes from Shelocta with details given after payment). A buyer shall pay $30 per item to the FFL running the background check regardless of outcome. Should the buyer fail the background check there will be $200 service fee deducted from the refund. We have made arrangements that you will come and pay in Shelocta and go meet the FFL on the same day. 14. Any hours or odometer readings on equipment are what are showing and American Iron has not verified information to be correct. 15. All items, including vehicles are sold "As-Is" and by bidding you confirm that you have had the opportunity for you and/or a mechanic to inspect any item to ensure operation and physical qualities of the machine. No refunds. It is your duty to inspect prior to hitting bid. 16. All notary fees, taxes, titles, plates, and other costs of titled vehicles shall be paid by the buyer. We now have a full time and complete notary on staff that can handle any title/plate/registrations as needed. Notary prices vary based on customers item. Notary does accept cash and/or debit/credit cards. Notary hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays 8AM - 4:30PM. Friday 8AM - 2PM. 17. The bidder agrees that venue for any litigation, action or court proceeding arising from or relating to this auction shall lie in the courts governing American Iron Auctions Shelocta Yard at 2474 SR 156, Shelocta, PA 15774 (Armstrong County Magistral District #4) 18. Buyers, bidders, and anyone in the American Iron Auctions yard will follow all current covid guidelines. 19. Effective 10/1/20 - All titled items are subject to a $75 administration fee in addition to the buyer's premium and any notary fees. The buyer will pay this fee directly to the auction company. This is to offset time to handle documentation. The buyer will also pay the notary for all fees, taxes, plates and etc to the notary directly. 20. All items must be paid in full by the final pickup day or the bidder may lose all rights to the item, but still be obligated to pay for storage and buyer's premium. Any item paid for but not removed on the pickup day will be charge $75 per day storage. Anytime after seven days American Iron Auctions may sell the item to settle storage costs. American Iron Auctions may waive this fee with prior agreement. Any titled vehicle that has had the paperwork transferred will be considered abandoned/parked illegally and towed away by an outside company. The buyer shall pay for towing and storage fees. A buyer that doesn't pay for an item will be charged $75 per day storage until the item is removed by sale or returned to the owner. The buyer shall be responsible for proper registration within the state that they reside in prior to operating on public highways. 21. If the buyer does not pickup the title on loadout days when the notary is available, they will be responsible to coordinate with the notary for title mailing. The buyer will cover cost of notary time and fees. If the title becomes lost or delayed, the buyer shall pay all costs to resolve the issue. 22. Buyer is responsible pickup of all keys, monitors, shafts, books, attachments and etc. If the buyer fails to take any item at pickup it shall not be the responsibility of the company to rectify the situation. If the auction company elects to ship or or mail any item it will only ship a tracked package. The buyer shall also pay $50 fee above shipping to cover time to pack and send. The buyer shall hold harmless the auction company for loss after the pick up dates, during mailing or any other reason. Unless noted or pictured, campers, trailers, tool boxes, gas caps and etc shall be assumed to be sold without any keys and shall be the responsibility of the buyer to obtain a replacement. It is assumed that all campers, trailers, tool boxes, and etc do not come with a key unless otherwise stated. 23. Alternative pickup times will be charged at $50 paid in cash and subject to auction staff availability. Payment must be made by checkout day. Buyer is also responsible for storage fees in addition to this fee. 24. All titled vehicles are sold as is, where is, no warranty. The buyer will pay all costs for any repairs if needed. American Iron Auctions, LLC and the seller assumes no responsibility for any required repairs regardless of any written or oral statements about this vehicle. You should have any vehicle inspected by your mechanic before bidding and/or purchase. Any and all statements are made by the seller and have not been verified by American Iron Auctions, LLC or any mechanic as American Iron Auctions, LLC does not own vehicles sold in this auction. You should inspect and verify on your own. By placing a bid you agree that you have been fully satisfied from the with your evaluation and inspection. 25. American Iron Auctions, LLC shall never be responsible for any expenses or damages resulting from a transaction and shall not be liable for more than the sales price of the item, fees, and buyers premium charged. 26.BUYER AND BUYER REPRESENTATIVES ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR PREVENTING DAMAGE TO THE TRANSPORTER OR VEHICLE AND SECURING THE LOAD FOR SAFE TRANSPORT. KNOWING THESE AND OTHER RISKS INHERENT IN THE LOADING PROCESS, BUYER AND BUYER REPRESENTATIVES FULLY ASSUME ALL RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THE LOADING, TOWING, AND TRANSPORTING PROCESS AND BUYER AND BUYER REPRESENTATIVES IRREVOCABLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY WAIVE AND RELEASE AMERICAN IRON AUCTIONS, LLC INDEMNIFIED PARTIES FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, DAMAGES, OBLIGATIONS, LOSSES, LIABILITIES, JUDGMENTS, COSTS OR EXPENSES (INCLUDING ATTORNEYS’ FEES) ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO CLAIMS FOR BODILY INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR OTHER OCCURRENCE DURING THE LOADING, TOWING, OR TRANSPORTING PROCESS, WHETHER CAUSED BY AIA's OWN NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE. 27. AIA MAKES NO WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION FOR, AND UNDERTAKES NO DUTY TO CONFIRM THE ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF, ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED IN ORAL, WRITTEN OR IMAGE FORM TO BUYER REGARDING ANY VEHICLE OR ITEM FOR SALE 28. All vehicles in this auction are sold by CD Cars, LLC, a licensed PA auction company and vehicle auction. Vehicles are sold at 8470 Route 422 HWY W and may be stored at alternative storage lots. American Iron Auctions is acting solely as the web hosting platform for taking online bids for these items. If a customer would like to test drive them prior to purchase at the auction, they should contact the office. By bidding on titled items, you agree to hold American Iron Auctions harmless for any matter or issue pertaining to that lot. You agree to the terms and conditions as set forth by American Iron Auctions and these shall control the titled items sold by CD Cars as well. 29. All campers, non-operational equipment and vehicles, toolboxes, truck boxes, or any locking item is sold without the keys unless otherwise stated or pictured. Bid accordingly for a replacement key or lock. All terms and conditions for real estate auctions shall be controlled by the terms listed in the item descriptions. There will be a 10% buyer's premium (with no cap) for Real Estate.
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 1,000.00 25.00 USD
1,000.01 - 10,000.00 100.00 USD
10,000.01 - 9,999,999.99 250.00 USD
Currency USD
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