Auctioneer CTM Unlimited Auctions
Type Live Webcast Auction
Date(s) 2/25/2021
02/25/2021 STARTS AT 12PM PST
Preview Date/Time 02/23/2021 9AM-5PM PST 02/24/2021 9AM-5PM PST 02/25/2021 9AM-5PM PST
Checkout Date/Time 02/25/2021 9AM-5PM PST 02/26/2021 9AM-5PM PST 02/27/2021 9AM-5PM PST
Location 411 E MAIN
Buyer Premium 10% Buyers's premium &4% virtual bid fee
Auction Terms & Conditions uction Terms & Conditions These terms are absolute and cannot be altered or changed in any way. If you cannot follow these terms completely, we ask you NOT TO BID OR ACCEPT A BIDDERS CARD. If you do not understand any of these conditions, please ask the auctioneer before bidding. Once you have been recognized and awarded as the winning bidder, you have entered into a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT, and must follow through with all purchases made, completely. No transfer of property is recognized from bidder to bidder. All persons taking legal ownership of said property must register to bid prior to bidding on an item. You must be 18 years of age to register as a bidder. Children are welcome, but we ask you to keep them with you during the auction within the seating area. We want the children kept safe. - No Guarantee - Everything is sold as is, where is without guarantee or warranty of any kind, regardless of any statements made by any persons in or at the sale. Use your preview period Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 5pm to inspect any and all property you may bid on and accept your purchase with all its faults and flaws. By bidding you agree that your bidding IS BASED ON YOUR ACTUAL PHYSICAL PREVIEW AND PREVIEW ONLY. Other than delivery of title and bill of sale, neither auctioneers nor any auction staff or the auction company make or imply any warranty of any kind. Use the Auction Catalogs provided as informational guides only and use auction preview to confirm information on the catalogs. Catalogs are exempt from error and we will not warranty. - Payments - CTM Unlimited Auctions allows two days after auction to pay in full all purchases with absolutely ZERO exceptions. Bidding at our Sunday auction, you have until Tuesday 5pm to pay all debts in full. If the bidder fails to pay in the allotted time, all deposits will be forfeited, and you will be banned from bidding on all our future auctions at CTM Unlimited Auctions. This also applies to our Thursday online auto auction. If you are the winning bidder of a vehicle on our Thursday online auto auction, you will be contacted immediately after the winning bid by our representative for a deposit. Have your credit card or debit card ready when you are the winning bidder. When winning a vehicle on our Thursday auction, you have until Saturday 5pm to pay the balance in full. If the bidder fails to pay in the allotted time, all deposits will be forfeited with no refund and you will be banned from bidding on all future auctions at CTM Unlimited Auctions. Again, if vehicles/items are not paid in full in the allotted time, purchases and all deposit(s) will be forfeited due to a breach of contract. - Methods of Payment - For Vehicle Purchases we accept Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Wire Transfers only. CTM Unlimited Auctions restricts purchases greater than $3,000 dollars on Credit/Debit cards unless approval by management. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for vehicle deposits and purchases which are subject to a 4% surcharge fee. Debit cards must have a VISA or MasterCard logo. We do not accept personal or business checks of any kind. Debit cards are also subject to the 4% surcharge fee. CTM Unlimited Auctions has the right to refuse any card transactions if we feel that the transaction is suspicious. ATTENTION CREDIT CARD BUYERS: You the buyer or the person buying on the behalf of the buyer agree that you further understand that this is an auction and that everything is bought "As Is" and we are guaranteeing nothing and know nothing about items at today's auction or any auction at CTM Unlimited Auctions and that you or the person you are buying for have done everything necessary to know everything about the item or vehicle you are buying. If buying OR buying on the behalf of another person or buyer, YOU AGREE to not charge back any part of this transaction. If you do, YOU AGREE to pay all the time of our staff at $40.00 an hour plus all recovery costs and further agree to make the account whole. If you fail within 15 days to make payment and get the account balance back to zero, YOU AGREE to pay all court costs and collection fees associated with such transaction. Be absolutely sure that whoever you are helping, you trust because once you sign these Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to total financial responsibility without recourse to the auction. I further agree that I am aware of my financial responsibility to CTM Unlimited Auctions and I AGREE that I will not charge back any part of any CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION. If I do, I completely agree to pay all associated costs of my decision. I further agree to have my credit card and I.D. copied for future legal recourse against me in case I cannot follow these terms. If I am buying on behalf of someone else, I agree that my agreement is between buyer and I, not CTM Unlimited Auctions. - Yard Rules - All non-runners must be removed off property prior to any repairs. No tools allowed on property, No hands under hoods, No jump boxes in the non-runner section. There will be no moving of vehicles during preview and sale times. Any violations are grounds for ejection from yards and punishable by law in accordance with insurance regulations and state liability codes. Lots 1 through 199 are running/driving vehicles, lots 200 through 299 are non-running vehicles, lots 300 through 399 are farm equipment and 400 lot numbers are reserved for boats, motorhomes, motorcycles, trailers, ATV's and other Recreational vehicles. EXTREMLY IMPORTANT NOTICE - Lots 1 through 199 running and driving vehicles RUN AND DRIVE ON OUR AUCTION PROPERTY. None of the vehicles have been test driven by CTM Unlimited Auction Staff or associates on any public or private roads at any speeds. CTM Unlimited Auctions has no knowledge of the actual condition and drivability of any vehicle as CTM Unlimited Auctions is MERELY A PLATFORM TO SELL VEHICLES ON BEHALF OF CONSIGNORS SUCH AS law enforcement agencies, banks, auto dealers, charity organizations, private individuals and so on. CTM Unlimited Auctions DOES NOT OWN ANY VEHICLES OR ITEMS at this auction! PHYSICAL PREVIEW IS OPEN Tuesday Through Saturday 9am to 5pm 12 days in advance of any auction. CTM Unlimited Auctions provides ample time to preview any vehicles and/or items up for auction. There is absolutely no excuse or reason to not physically preview vehicles and/or items in person before bidding on auction days either live in-person or online. If you do not feel comfortable previewing the vehicles that you are interested in, CTM Unlimited has a pre-purchase vehicle inspection service available performed by third party vendors that will provide you findings of the condition/operation of the vehicle or vehicles that you are interested in bidding on. Inspection is a 1-hour service at a $75.00 dollar fee per vehicle. All third-party vendors are licensed, insured and ASE certified technicians. - Bidding Increments - The auctioneer always has the right to refuse any and all bids. Auctioneer also has the right to set the bidding increments and lot or re-lot item prior to fall of the gavel, regardless of type of auction being conducted. - Brand Notification - Vehicles sold at this auction may come with a branded title. Brands can appear on a vehicle for many different reasons such as TMU (True Miles Unknown), Former Rental Vehicle, Court/Law Enforcement Seized, State Patrol Inspected, Rebuilt Vehicle and Salvaged Vehicle. Other brands may exist. We encourage all people interested in auction vehicles to inspect them thoroughly with all due diligence. CTM Unlimited Auctions does not provide any VIN check or history information on any of the vehicles that go through auction. Vehicle VIN reports are solely the responsibility of the bidder. By signing the Terms and Conditions you agree that a brand may exist on the vehicle(s) you have purchased and CTM Unlimited Auctions is not liable for any vehicle that comes with a branded title. - Hold Harmless - The buyers hereby indemnify and hold harmless the auctioneer, clients, and auction company also to include any other parties in the company for damages, claims, or liabilities from injuries to persons or property of any type, caused during the removal of the property purchased. Buyers remove purchases at their own risk. - Responsibility and Title - Buyers are responsible for their purchase after the gavel falls. You must guard your purchase accordingly. The auctioneer is an agent under contract for the property being sold. Absolutely no adjustments, claims or refunds will be allowed after final settlement. Any claims must be made at the block at the time of sale. You must be 18 years of age to register or bid at our auction including registering a vehicle in your name. - Taxes, Fees and Deposits - This sale has a structured cash deposit of $100 dollars on all vehicles that sell between $0 and $999.00, $200.00 dollars on vehicles that sell between $1000.00 and $1999.00 and CAPPED at $300.00 for vehicles that sell for $2000.00 dollars and above. This secures the bid until Tuesday at 5pm. The deposit that you pay goes towards the price of the vehicle. If you choose not to pay for your item(s), your deposit(s) will be forfeit and you will be asked to leave, we will then add your name to our do not register list which is publicly posted. There is also a 10% buyer's premium in effect and an additional 4% virtual bid fee if you are the winning bidder of an item or vehicle online, which is taxable. We collect 9.1% sales tax rate on Vehicles and 8.8% on Merchandise. Licensing is a mandatory $37.50 Any licensing fees other than the title transfer will be an extra charge. A pre-negotiated document fee of $150 has already been negotiated down to a $35.00 Documentary Service Fee that is applied for processing and supplies. You agree to the $35.00 Documentary fee and all other fees by signing this terms and conditions form. - Out of State Residents - In order to meet Washington State on non-taxation requirements, you will need to provide the following proper documents: State ID or Driver's License and one of the following: Current Residential Agreement, Property Tax Statement, Utility Bill dated within the previous two month, State Income Tax Return from the previous year, Voter registration Card, Current Credit Report, Or other approved by Department of Revenue. If for any reason we have to license the purchased unit in Washington State, Washington State requires you to pay Washington State sales tax. - Announcements - Any announcements on the day of auction shall take precedence over any other previously advertised or stated conditions. Listen to the announcements. Other information or terms during the course of the auction may relate to specific items or removal. The Auction Company (CTM Unlimited Auctions) and the auctioneers own none of the items at today's auction. By signing this Terms and Conditions form you agree to all the verbiage and understand that you must preview to make your own decisions about the item or items you are purchasing. Legal Action and Any/All Arbitration - Any and all legal action CTM Unlimited Auction takes towards bidders that break these Terms and Conditions OR bidders filing any kind of lawsuit or legal action against CTM Unlimited Auctions must and will be filed within Grays Harbor County in the state of Washington in the United States of America. No other location of arbitration or legal action will be taken by you or CTM Unlimited Auctions in ANY other county besides Grays Harbor county within Washington state or any other county in another state including all territories of the United States of America, nor any other country beyond the United States of America. By signing this copy of our terms and conditions, YOU AGREE and will abide by our terms and conditions including all verbiage it contains. TODAY, I HAVE READ CTM UNLIMITED AUCTIONS TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN IT'S ENTIRETY. I UNDERSTAND THAT SIGNING THESE TERMS AND CONTIONS IN PERSON OR ACCEPTING THEM ONLINE, I AM BOUND AND WILL ABIDE BY ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS STATED ABOVE BY CTM UNLIMITED AUCTIONS. I AM ALSO AWARE THAT ALL ITEMS AND VEHICLES ARE "AS IS" WITH NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND AND I HAVE DONE MY OWN DUE DILIGENCE ON INSPECTING THE ITEMS OR VEHICLES THAT I AM BIDDING ON AND HAVE WON AT THIS AUCTION. DO NOT REGISTER, SIGN OR ACCEPT A BIDDER NUMBER OR CARD IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ADHEAR TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Signature: _____________________________________________________________________ Printed Name: _________________________________________________________________ Today's Date: __________________________________________________________________ --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

Seller User Terms

Bidder User Terms
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 30,000.00 250.00 USD
30,000.01 - 100,000.00 2,500.00 USD
100,000.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 10% Buyers's premium &4% virtual bid fee
Payment Terms
We accept Cash and wire transfers, Credit Cards with Visa, Master Card and American Express logos. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: ALL BUYERS OUTSIDE OF WASHINGTON STATE MUST PAY WITH BANK WIRE TRANSFER
We offer shipping at an additional rate.